Halyna HUTCHINS, the District Attorney responsible for the investigation into her fatal shooting on film set Rust, has confirmed that she is aware of who loaded it. 

Mary Carmack Altwies said that there were many levels of failures on the set, before Hutchins was killed accidentally by Alec Baldwin (63), on October 21.

Investigators are investigating how the live round was found in the gun, declared safe by an assistant Director. Carmack-Altwies smiled and answered the question, “Yes.”

Following the shooting, which also left Rust director Joel Souza injured, Santa Fe county sheriff said there had been ‘some complacency’ in how weapons were handled. 

Hannah Gutierrez, an armorer, supplied the gun. David Halls checked it and told Baldwin that it was a cold gun. He pointed the gun at Hutchins (42), and fired it while they were rehearsing the scene.  

Mary Carmack-Altwies, (left) the District Attorney in charge of the investigation, has told Good Morning America there were 'so many levels of failures' on the set before Hutchins' death

Mary Carmack-Altwies (left), the District Attorney responsible for the investigation has said to Good Morning America that there were “so many levels” of failures on the set prior Hutchins’s death

Hutchins, a mother of one, was 42 when she was killed on October 21

Alec Baldwin, aged 63, shot Halyna HUTCHINS, Cinematographer by mistake. He was shooting at her with a gun that he had been holding while filming Rust in New Mexico.

Alec Baldwin was spotted dining in New York with wife Hilaria on Sunday evening - weeks after the couple escaped to Vermont with their six children

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin were seen dining together in New York on Sunday night, weeks after they fled to Vermont with six of their children. 

Authorities have been scouring the set of the film as they investigate how a live round came to be in the firearm

As they try to determine how an actual live round ended up in the gun, authorities have begun searching the set for the film.

Since that tragic October 21st, the set was shut down as investigators investigate the site. Baldwin has stated that it’s unlikely that the movie with a low budget will be made.

Baldwin was also a producer on the film and shared an image from Rust by last week, in which he dismissed safety concerns at the film’s set. 

In the weeks since the shooting, several former crew members have spoken out about the unsafe environment on the set.

Lane Luper was the A-camera’s first assistant. He said that he left the job one day prior to the shooting due to overwork, poor gun safety, and COVID-safety not being properly enforced.

Rust believes that it was the perfect storm, according to him, of Rust the armorer and assistant director, culture, rushing, and even the assistant directors. Good Morning America interviewed him on the subject of the tragic shooting.

“It was not just one person. It took everything to come together for the one-in-a trillion thing to occur.

He said that safety wasn’t a priority at the set and that he only remembered two safety meetings with the entire crew.

The gun Baldwin used to shoot Hutchins supplied by the armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed (pictured)

Baldwin’s gun used to shoot Hutchins provided by Hannah Gutierrez Reed (pictured).

The set of the film has been shut down since the fatal shooting

Since the shooting, the set has been closed.

Luper eventually accused Luper of accusing the production of the film of violating the fundamental rule that guns cannot be used on set. He stated, “There shall not ever be live rounds anywhere in a studio lot or on stage or set.” 

Also, he was choked up while describing Halyna Utchins. He said, “She really was something special.”

Luper stated in his resignation that there were two accidental weapons discharges and an accidental sound effects explosion around the crew. 

“There were no explanations about what we should expect from these shots. Luper explained in the letter that production staff are often asked the same questions about their lack of time or if they rehearse.

He said that crew members became exhausted from long commutes to and from their accommodations, some of which were more than two hour away.

Luper explained that in her 10 years of experience as a camera assistant she’s never been on any show where the crew’s safety was so important.

'What the f**k just happened?' Baldwin reportedly asked cast and crew members after the shot went off, and Hutchins suddenly stumbled back into head electrician Serge Svetnoy's arms

‘What the f**k just happened?’ Baldwin, reportedly asking cast and crew members what had just happened? Hutchins was then reported to have suddenly fallen back in Serge Svetnoy’s arms.

Sources tell the Los Angeles Times that they never saw Kenney at the New Mexico movie set

Los Angeles Times sources claim that Kenney never visited the New Mexico set of the movie Kenney.

Sky News was also informed by Luper that he made the decision to voice his opinions because it was clear to him that Hutchins’s suicide resulted from cutting costs.

He said that Halyna’s suicide could be prevented by adhering to industry safety regulations for literally decades.

“I felt like I had never been more afraid of my death, whether on the set or driving home. I felt so tired.”

He stated that the production team placed safety and wellbeing above profit.

“This group was dangerous because they did not have the safety standards that this industry has.

Luper said that there had been no training, no safety meetings, and no explanations of the next shot. This is a standard requirement for firearms.

Sky News was contacted by a representative of the producers to refute his assertions. He stated: “Mr. Luper’s accusations about budget and safety were patently false. It is no surprise considering that Luper was a camera operator and had nothing to do or know anything about budgets or safety protocol.

The spokesperson stated that while we remain cooperative with all investigations, our options for what we could say are very limited. Safety remains our top priority. 

Baldwin has pushed back at critics who claimed the working conditions on the set were unsafe

Baldwin responded to critics who said the work conditions were dangerous.

Baldwin retorted last week against claims that working conditions were dangerous on set. However, Baldwin shared a post by one crew member, in which she criticized her colleagues for creating a false and distorted picture of the set, calling it unsafe and chaotic.

Baldwin uploaded a photo of Terese Mapale Davis’s blog post to his Instagram, captioned: “Read this.”

Davis posted, “I’m so tired of this narrative,” in her blog post. I worked on this movie. The story being spun of us being overworked and surrounded by unsafe, chaotic conditions is bull***t.’

Davis’s post dispelled many complaints from crew members, including the fact that they often worked longer than 12 hours a day.

“We have never done more than one and a half hours of shooting each day.” Davis said that Davis had written it once.

‘Most days were under 12. We had completed a 12-hour turnaround from an 11-hour shooting day when Halyna was killed. Camera included, we were all out by 6:45pm.

Davis shared that she will be haunted by the shooting on set that killed Baldwin. While Davis is furious at Dave Hall (assistant director), who gave Baldwin the gun she said that he was not concerned about safety.

She said, “I’m heartbroken and furious.” “I will never hear the gunshots or director’s screamings from my head again.”

“My friend has died. Am I angry at him? Yes. However, I refuse to jump on the bandwagon of pretending that he didn’t care about our safety throughout the entire process.

Baldwin was silent on Rust’s incident before sharing his post. 

You can watch the entire interview on Good Morning America starting at 7am UTC (November 10).