She is currently visiting a TV producer in jail who attempted to hire three hitmen for the murder of his wife. They say that they “dream of spending more time together.”

David Harris, 72-year-old former boss at The Bill, said he was in the middle of researching a book when asked by The Bill men to kill Hazel Allinson (73).

However, he insists that he was innocent in an apology letter for his ‘foolishness’.

He says he is determined to be released from jail and do good in the community.

Harris hatched the kill plot to get his hands on Ms Allinson’s money after being left broke from lavishing tens of thousands of pounds on his prostitute mistress Ugne Cekaviciute, 28.

But he was rumbled after one of the men approached with a £175,000 offer, innocent Duke Dean, went to police after being shocked by the proposal.

Undercover officers launched a sting, and Harris was taken into custody. Ugne had been sleeping with Harris at Balham Lodge Hotel.

MailOnline learned that Ms. Allinson declined to testify as a prosecution witness in his case. She is currently visiting him behind bars and supports him fully.

A letter from Harris to his lawyers – published by a court – reveals: ‘I am as I have always told you innocent of what I was charged with – but guilty of causing Hazel so much pain and ruining her life.

“It was something I’ll never be able to forgive myself for.” We are losing our dreams of time spent together as we will both be 77 years old when I am released under licence.

“I realize how foolish I am, and so want to escape prison and make a difference in my community.

“I’ve had lots of time to spare which I’ve used to help other people here, and now want to make more.”

MailOnline reached out to Ms. Allinson but she declined to comment. 

David Harris, 72, wanted his partner of 30 years, Hazel Allinson, 73, dead for her money

David Harris (72), wanted Hazel Allinson (73), to die for his money.

Partner Hazel Allinson is still visiting Harris in his Category C prison despite his crimes

Harris’s Category C prison is still home to Hazel Allinson and Harris, despite all his criminal acts.

David Harris became obsessed with Lithuanian prostitute Ugne Cekaviciute , now 32

David Harris fell in love with Ugne Cekaviciute (Lithuania prostitute), and became 32.

Harris repeatedly has failed to appeal his 2017 conviction. 

Anne Molyneux QC, judge of sentencing, stated that Ugne’s obsession led him to condemn a woman who had ‘protected’ and ‘nurtured’ him to an untimely death. 

Harris heard her say that she was leaving Harris for a pipe dream. Ms. Allinson who protected and nurtured me, would be to see you die in an isolated location.

“Her death was to finance your life. Her usefulness was no longer a factor in your life.

“All you desired from her was for her to die, and that her wealth should be yours.”

The court had heard Harris’s’social anxiety’ and ‘narcissistic personality disorder.

When Harris moved in with Ms Allinson four months after they met, she provided him with financial support because he was living on a £130 a week state pension and a £1,300 annuity.

Harris became frustrated and ungrateful when Ms. Allinson tried saving money for The Bill in 2010, after which The Bill had been withdrawn.

Hazel Allinson (right) refused to assist the prosecution against Harris (left) – and even offered to give evidence in his defence

Hazel Allinson (right) refused to assist the prosecution against Harris (left) – and even offered to give evidence in his defence

A chilling video shows the moment a former TV producer calmly tried to hire a hitman to kill his partner Hazel Allinson

The chilling footage shows how a TV producer attempted to calmly hire a hitman for his ex-partner Hazel Allinson.

In a recording Harris (right) can be heard calmly telling the 'hitman' that he plans to sell his house quickly to pay him £175,000

In a recording Harris (right) can be heard calmly telling the ‘hitman’ that he plans to sell his house quickly to pay him £175,000

Bill’s lies against his soulmate over the years 

David Harris said he told Hazel Allinson he had lied to him repeatedly from the beginning. Harris even took pictures of Hazel Allinson and his girlfriend while she was out, laying on her bed with three of her spaniels.

He came up with elaborate stories over five years as he spent tens or thousands of pounds from Ms Allinson’s retirement savings on costly gifts for Ugne Cekaviciute, Old Bailey jurors learned.

Harris used Ms Cekaviciute’s sick brother as an excuse for trying to get close with her.

He even continued the trickery coldly when Ms Allinson, a parish councillor, gave him a birthday cake and ordered a copy James Bond film Skyfall to be enjoyed on their visits.

Harris claimed that Ms Cekaviciute was Daniel’s niece and that he loaned them money to build a house in Serbia.

Harris informed Ms Cekaviciute that there was a terrible car accident in eastern Europe when she bought a costly handmade sweater with Ms Allinson’s credit card.

After the couple was ‘no longer sexually compatible,’ he started to go to sex workers.

Judge Molyneux said that Judge Molyneux was “a stupid old guy, not wanting the age to come”. 

“Towards the end 2011 you met Ms Cekaviciute at a Worthing brothel. They developed a fast relationship.

Harris was ‘besotted with’ Ms Cekaviciute, so he lavished gifts on her, stayed in hotels with her, and even helped Ms Allinson go to college.

After maxing out all his credit cards, and exhausting all his money, he devised the plot to murder Ms. Allinson.  

Harris underwent a personality test in which he scored maximum marks for character traits including ‘manipulation for personal gain and lack of remorse or guilt’. 

According to Ms. Allinson, the defendant insisted on his innocence. Her attitude to his crimes was said by Harris to indicate her vulnerability and Harris’s power to manipulate her.

Despite the revelations during the trial, Ms Allinson refused to assist the prosecution against him – and even offered to give evidence in his defence.

A 220-page, 200-page statement that police compiled from hours of interviews regarding Harris’s lies about his affair was also rejected by her. This meant it couldn’t be quoted at court.  

Anthony Rimmer (mitigating) said Harris was an “old fool” but his infatuation does not excuse the offenses.

A 68-year old man will face a very different system upon his release. 

Instead of being “vulnerable”, she was instead a “person with robust characteristics and can speak for herself,” Mr Rimmer said. 

According to the court, Harris asked prospective hitmen to create the appearance that Ms. Allinson had been car-jacking/mugging gone wrong and told them, ‘I would love some type of accident. As serious as it could get. 

In May Old Bailey jury unanimously found him guilty of three counts of soliciting to murder, which can incur a life sentence. 

Harris offered Duke Dean £200,000 to carry out ‘a hit’ on Ms Allinson, claiming that his long-term partner was not ‘giving him any sex’ and complaining he would ‘be left skint’ if he split up with her. 

He promised the would-be assassin his fee would come from the sale of her £800,000 house in the picturesque village of Amberley, near Arundel, West Sussex.

Dean went to the police fearing that Ms. Allinson was in immediate danger. Harris also discussed a chilling plan. 

Harris led Mr Dean through the churches and clubs she attended, as well as the hall she used to sing in the local choir.

Harris presented a photograph of his wife, as well as a photo and diary detailing her movements. They then talked about ways to murder her in Chichester’s Foundry Pub.

Dean claimed that they had discussed the possibility of having a second hitman hired to portray Ms. Allinson’s murder as if she was running off from a rock after getting scared by a deer.

City of London Police released audio and CCTV clips that show Harris meeting with Mr Dean, a ‘hitman’ and other undercover officers in order to plan Ms Allinson’s assassination.

In a recording he can be heard calmly telling an officer he believed was an associate of Mr Dead: ‘If it could be done this week…we had quite a big argument just over something very very stupid, and I explode and she explodes..and if we can do it this week… the car can be in your hands Tuesday or Wednesday and £10,000 by the weekend.’

He then explained that he would sell his house quickly to come up with the extra £150,000 he was willing to pay to have his partner murdered. 

Harris was wearing a pink shirt with a check in his dock. He listened intently to the audio on headphones, but he did not respond when he was sentenced.

Following the verdict, Detective Chief Inspector Edelle Michaels of City of London Police stated: “The jury found David Harris guilty of this offense, which involved substantial planning and persistence and shows the actions of a brutal man.

“The facts have proven him to be manipulative and calculating. He was determined to cause serious injury to his victim. He approached not just one, but three presumptive hitmen.

“This was a very difficult time for the victim. He has been greatly affected.

“The situation could be much worse if Harris had succeeded in his plan. It was fortunate that Harris approached one man to inform the police. We quickly responded to protect Harris’s victim.