Allan Lamb, the Double Ashes-winning England player, has revealed his diagnosis with prostate cancer. The 67 year-old urges men “put your egos aside” and get checked

  • Allan Lamb won three cricket World Cups in England and two Ashes.
  • The 67 year-old revealed that he is currently fighting against prostate cancer
  • Lamb has had a month-long treatment. He urged men to get tested. 

Allan Lamb, former England cricket captain has revealed that his battle with prostate cancer is ongoing.

The news was shared by Lamb, 67, on social media as part a week of awareness.

He tweeted: ‘I urge all men to go and get their PSA levels checked as prostate cancer so often goes undiagnosed.

Allan Lamb (right) has announced that he's been diagnosed with prostate cancer

Allan Lamb (right), has announced that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer 

‘Having recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, I have just completed a month of treatment. Put your egos aside — don’t be ignorant about your health.’

The right-handed South African-born batsman, who was involved with two victorious Ashes campaigns as well as three World Cups, received many messages of goodwill.   

The England cricketer won two Ashes in a career where he served as captain of his nation

He was a captain of England cricket and won two Ashes.