Get fit in 15 minutes: A celebrity personal trainer reveals the best exercises to improve balance

  • Nadya Fairweather suggests a seated V sit hold to improve balance 
  • Lola Biggs says  B12 is essential for coordination and communication
  • Liz Hemmings showcases a selection of fashionable fitness clothes for the workplace. 


Nadya Fairweather, celebrity personal trainer (, says a seated V sit hold can improve balance. This exercise is not recommended for people with disc problems or lower back problems. With your legs bent and your heels on the mat, sit on your mat on your sit bones.

To begin, draw your tummy button in and relax your shoulders. Lift one foot off of the mat and raise the second.

If possible, lift your fingertips off of the floor and reach for the sides.

Balance for between 10-30 Seconds

Celebrity personal trainer Naya Fairweather suggests a seated V-sit hold to improve balance

Naya Fairweather, celebrity personal trainer, suggests a seated V sit hold to improve balance


Balance can become more difficult as we age and with hormonal shifts in the body, says nutritionist Lola Biggs ( Balance is possible by taking B12. It helps with coordination and communication between the brain and the muscles. B12 rich foods include meats, fish, eggs, cheese, and some fortified breakfast cereals.

You might need a B12 Supplement if you are a vegetarian or vegan. Try the vegan friendly Vitamin B12 Shiitake Mushroom whole food supplement (£9.49) that contains three natural forms of B12. Resveratrol is a pigment found in grapes, dark chocolate and berries that may improve our balance. This can be done by supporting the neuromuscular communication pathway.