The dramatic scene in which a motorist wields his sword at another driver during an Oregon road rage dispute is this. Only for the man, he threatens calmly to open his trunk and take out a large rifle in return.

Twitter uploaded a video this week of the encounter. It shows the man holding the weapon, which is samurai-like, while running toward the other driver, as he gets out of his vehicle.  

It was recorded in Portland’s crime-ridden city of Portland. After the murder of George Floyd, the budget of Portland’s police force saw a cut of $15 million.

The clip shows a man wearing a dark baseball cap, glasses, and stepping repeatedly towards another motorist. He is also dressed in plaid shirt, jeans, and a hat. 

A video of the confrontation was uploaded to Reddit this week and shows a man brandishing the samurai-like weapon by a traffic stop in crime-ravaged Portland, Oregon (Pictured: The man with the sword threatens another motorist as he calmly exits his vehicle)

Reddit uploaded a video this week of the encounter. It shows a man wielding the sword-like weapon during a Portland traffic stop. (Pictured : As he exits his car, the man with the sword menaces another motorist.

The unnamed man donning a dark baseball cap and glasses raises the sword behind his head before he repeatedly steps towards the other motorist, who is dressed in a plaid shirt and jeans

An unnamed man wearing dark sunglasses and a baseball cap raises his sword in front of him before walking towards the other driver, who is wearing a plaid shirt with jeans.

As the man with the sword returns to his vehicle, the driver he was threatening calmly walks to his boot and retrieves a large rifle - which social media users speculated was an AK15

The man holding the sword walks back to his car, while the driver he was threatening slowly walks to his boots and grabs a large rifle – which many social media users thought was an AK15.

The potential victim is calmly standing next to the vehicle, with his arms held at his side. He seems unaffected, though 

The man recording the stand-off from inside his car can then be heard saying: ‘Beat his a**!The two men appear to have been exchanging heated words. 

The sword-wielding man runs to his car and the other driver opens his trunk, pulling out a large rifle. 

While he is searching his car for the weapon the man on camera says, “Oh, what’s the he getting?”‘, before seeing him pull out the gun and adding: ‘Oh, s**t’.

Then, he puts the phone on his lap and stops filming. 

While it’s not known which gun was removed from the car, some social media users thought it was an AK15.  

This shocking incident occurred in the same week that Portland’s police force had just 788 officers sworn – the lowest total since 1989 when Portland’s population was 35% lower.

The motorist in the plaid shirt searches for his gun in the trunk of his car after the man with the sword briefly returned to his vehicle

After the short return of the man holding the sword, the motorist wearing the plaid shirt looks for the gun in his trunk.

Motorist brandishing sword argues with another driver in Portland

Motorist brandishing sword argues with another driver in Portland

Two men involved in road rage fight exchange heated words while another motorist records the scene from within his vehicle 

The man filming the clip stops recording once he sees one of the drivers pull out a gun from the back of his car (Pictured: Tip of rifle)

Once he spots one of his drivers pulling out a gun and taking the footage, the filmer stops. (Pictured Tip: Rifle) 

There are current 788 sworn members of the Portland Police Bureau, the fewest its seen since 1989 when there were 742 sworn members

Portland Police Bureau has currently 788 members sworn, which is the smallest number of members since 1989 when it had 742.

Portland¿s number of officers is in stark contrast with the size of police forces in cities comparable in population

Portland has a much smaller police force than comparable cities with a similar population.

New official statistics indicate that there is a decrease in the number of police officers required to try and protect the 662,549 inhabitants. This means that only 1.2 cops are needed for each 1,000.

From the 943 officers who were employed by the department in 2020 to the current 886, the number of officers is down by 155.

There were 742 police officers patrolling the streets of New York City in 1989. 

Back then, there were only 430,657 people living in Oregon City, so the department wasn’t quite as stretched.

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s assassination, the department that was short of staff received $15 million defunding in June 2020. 

KOIN’s exit survey earlier this year revealed that Portland cops are leaving the force due to feeling demoralized. They also have little faith in the mayor or the DA.

Portland was also hit with a variety of laws and other measures that aim to reduce its power to interfere in crimes, even though Portland’s number of murders is at an all-time high. 

This year there have been 77 murders in the city, surpassing the 1987 record of 67. There are six more weeks to go for 2021.

Portland also saw 1,105 shootings in 2012. Mayor Ted Wheeler is calling for additional cash to help increase its police force.

Although they have called for an increase in officer number to double, the city union also cautioned it could take many years before planned hirings affect current crime levels.  

A poll by People for Portland found that 66% believe Portland must have more officers. 

The polling revealed that only 17% of respondents thought the city was equipped with enough officers. Only 8% said they should have less.