A Drunk Dukes of Hazzard-like wannabe makes his car go over a bridge and then flips his car.

  • Unidentified male, aged 25, drove up a roadway embankment in Allegan County (Michigan) on January 14. 
  • After driving up the embankment quickly, the man launched his car across a bridge to the other side. It was around 2pm. 
  • The car flipped and he managed to climb out. He was then taken to Bronson Hospital with minor injuries.
  • Troopers confirmed that the man was drunk and will be referred to the hospital. 

A Michigan driver intoxicated decided to leap up onto a freeway bridge after he was convinced he had taken a page from The Dukes of Hazzard. 

Unidentified Kalamazoo male, 25 years old, drove his Chevrolet Impala to the 142nd Ave Bridge at 2 p.m. on January 14th. This bridge spans US 131 from exit 68 in Allegan County.

Video footage shows the black car flying high over the bridge in a wild moment. The car then arches over to the side and flips. 

According to reports, he was drunk. 

An intoxicated man, 25, mimicked the Dukes of Hazzard as he dangerously launched his Chevrolet Impala over the 142nd Avenue bridge off US 131 in Allegan County, Michigan, on January 14

Intoxicated, a 25 year old man acted like the Dukes Of Hazzard, as he recklessly drove his Chevrolet Impala across the 142nd Avenue Bridge, just off US 131 in Allegan County. Michigan.

The man flipped his car on the side and sustained non-life-threatening injuries

He flipped the car over and suffered non-life-threatening injuries. 

He reportedly was able to crawl out of his car on his own and was assisted by Good Samaritans until an ambulance arrived. He was taken to a Bronson hospital, where he got a blood test and a medical evaluation

He was said to be able climb out of the car and was helped by Good Samaritans, until an ambulance arrived. He was transported to Bronson Hospital, where he had a blood sample and received medical advice. 

Dante Johnson and other good Samaritans came to the aid of Dante Johnson at ABC 7. Johnson said that he was grateful for everyone’s willingness to come forward to assist him. It could have been his last time seeing his child. Being able to see him again is a blessing and a miracle. 

Uncertain if the man is having a baby. 

Johnson received assistance from other drivers. ABC 7 reports that Johnson was left in a snowy ditch. Several passersby helped him wait until the ambulance arrived. 

According to Jessica Sinclair who was driving past the scene with her mother, he was capable of crawling out of his car. 

With non-life-threatening injuries, he was brought to Bronson for an evaluation and to have blood drawn. Troopers said that he had been intoxicated.  

Sinclair posted a Facebook video showing Sinclair turning the car on its side and pieces from the other end of the bumper.   

In the daring stunt, he left behind parts of what appears to be his back bumper

The daring act saw him leave behind part of what appeared to be his rear bumper. 

On the other side, his vehicle lay on its side as the Michigan State Police inspected the vehicle. The man was not arrested and charges have not been filed

As the Michigan State Police examined the vehicle, the man’s vehicle was on the side. The suspect was not charged and he wasn’t arrested. 

Sinclair was driving by when state troopers arrived on the scene. An officer was still inspecting the vehicle next to a damaged road sign. 

As the Michigan State Police await his results from blood tests, the man was not arrested. 

‘Because of his injuries, a copy of the full report – along with a blood analysis for alcohol level – will be forwarded the prosecutor’s office for review,’ Lieutenant DuWayne Robinson told DailyMail.com on Wednesday.