A shocking dashcam video shows how a teenager e-scooter rider crashed into the road, colliding with a driver’s instructor’s vehicle.

A 13-year old boy rides into Martin Philbrick’s vehicle 35 minutes into his lesson. This footage was filmed in Gillingham. 

The teenager appeared to be on Mr Philbrick’s left side and was, shockingly, wearing earpods that made it impossible for him to hear traffic while he drove into the street.

The 13-year-old is seen on the dashcam riding his scooter along the pavement in Gillingham, Kent on June 27

He is seen by the side of the pavement as the car carries on driving

Martin Philbrick, Gillingham, Kent’s dashcam, captures the rider riding his scooter on the sidewalk and into traffic.

Footage captures the pupil of Mr Philbrick, which he had taken to Gillingham at 9am. He is seen approaching a junction at Cornwallis Avenue in Gillingham.

It was red traffic light so the pupil slowed and was moving at about 20mph. The boy then suddenly appeared from the left. 

Philbrick was able slam on brakes for a fraction of second before the impact. 

After the accident, the teenager suffered from a broken rib. He was taken to the hospital. 

The scooter rider suddenly swerves into the road as Mr Philbrick is forced to slam on the brake

At the moment, Mr Philbrick’s scooter rider begins to steer into the roadway.

E-scooters in the UK are banned from most roads. They can be used only in certain places if they’re rented. 

These vehicles are subject to the same laws and regulations as motorized vehicles. They also have identical licensing and tax requirements.   

For 17 years Mr Philbrick has taught driving lessons in Medway (Kent) and said that he doesn’t believe he will ever again.

I asked him to view the video, and he declined. “Maybe your friends will see it and stop others from repeating the same mistakes?”

The footage from the accident, which occurred on June 27, was shared by him as an alert that even a slight misstep in concentration could result in serious injuries or death. 

“I hope that parents might reconsider purchasing a child’s toy if they see this video.” 

“Unfortunately there was not warning. He was on the sidewalk and also had his earpods.

“He was a good kid. He’d only turned thirteen a few weeks before. I think the scooter may have been his birthday present. However, the police told the parents that the scooter is illegal.

The scooter and the boy go flying onto the pavement after he is clipped by the car

After being clipped by a car, both the scooter-riding boy and his bike fly to the surface. 

Numerous injuries were reported due to the use of electric scooters, which are capable of reaching speeds exceeding 15mph.  

Other deaths have occurred in car collisions, and one person was also killed in a scooter accident in Twickenham, South West London.

Philbrick stated that the police investigation of the collision could have taken longer had he not shown the footage from his dashcam to them immediately.

He said: ‘An ambulance turned up about ten minutes later and then three police cars. After they had seen the dashcam footage, they disappeared all together.

The boy attempts to stand up, hobbling, but Mr Philbrick is heard saying 'Stay on the floor mate' before the footage cuts

Before the footage cuts, the boy attempts to rise, hobbling. But Mr Philbrick hears him saying, “Stay here mate,” before he stops. 

He left his student devastated after the scooter accident. She struggled to learn on her next lesson.

Mr Philbrick said:  ‘On her next lesson she couldn’t drive because she was too upset.

“She was crying in her car. When I inquired about her, she replied that it was my fault.

“She was very different about her driving a week later. She had no confidence. You could describe it as “very wobbly”

Kent Police spokeswoman said that Kent Police received a call at 9.41am Sunday 27th June 2021 regarding a report about a collision between a vehicle and an electric scooter on Cornwallis Avenue in Gillingham.

“Officers arrived on the scene with South East Coast Ambulance Service. A 13-year old boy was transported to a local hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening.

“Attending officers talked to all involved, including parents.

“The facts were reviewed including the viewing of dash cam footage. Additional details were also taken. There was no further action.

Which laws govern e-scooters 

You can only legally use an electric scooter to rent on certain public roads and other places.

The controversial vehicle could still be used in the UK after a period of testing. The scheme currently has 10 London boroughs participating with three service providers. It is intended to demonstrate how escooters operate on London’s streets.

To rent an electric scooter, riders must have a valid provisional or full-fledged driving licence.

Privately owned electric scooters and other powered transporters are also prohibited from being used on public roads.

Relevant laws on e-scooter use include:

Anyone using an e-scooter, or any other powered transportation device owned privately is most likely to have committed at least one offence on public roads. This includes driving without insurance and driving a motor car with no insurance. You could be liable for a fixed penalty of £300 and six points on your driving licence

It is generally illegal to drive motor vehicles on the pavement. The same applies for e-scooters, powered transporters, and all other types of electric scooters.

With permission of the owner or occupier, powered transporters and e-scooters can be used on private property

The TfL Scheme will permit E-scooters to be rented and used on London’s public roads.

These boroughs will create no-go areas in which e-scooters are not allowed to ride and will bring them to a safe stop. They will also designate go-slow zones, where the speed limit for e-scooters is reduced to 8mph.

Source: TfL