Insulate Britain today said that people who don’t act on climate change are likened to people who were passive and indifferent to Nazi Germany’s rise before the Holocaust.

Since September 13th, the eco-zealots blocked roads for 19 consecutive days, resulting in misery and frustration to drivers who waited in long lines around London, Manchester Birmingham, Birmingham, Dover, and Birmingham.

They also said that those who are silent now about environmental causes “will be known for being bystanders” like the Nazis in Germany. 

A spokesperson for Insulate Britain said this morning in a tweet that: ‘Those who now know and are silent about it will be called bystanders. This is the same as people who were not aware of the rising Nazi Germany and the persecution which culminated in the Holocaust. #savelives

The group however deleted the tweet in the midst of backlash and stated instead that those who knew and were silent about it would be remembered just as cruelly and painfully than those who did not see the terrible horrors of Nazi Germany.

Insulate Britain today compared people who do not act on climate change to those who were 'passive and indifferent to the rise of Nazi Germany' before the Holocaust

Insulate Britain today contrasts people who aren’t taking action on climate change with those who were “passive and indifferent” to Nazi Germany’s rise prior to the Holocaust

Social media users condemned the original tweet. One user said that comparing the climate emergency to the Holocaust was shameful.

A second Twitter user commented: “Yeah, I am on your side, but this is a little too far. There is no other thing comparable to the Holocaust.

Another tweet said: “Using the Holocaust analogy here won’t do any good. Nor is continually blocking roads over again and over.”

Six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust in mass shootings and ghettos. 

Insulate Britain later tweets

Insulate Britain later tweets

This group deleted the tweet original and stated instead that those who are aware and remain silent will be remembered just as cruelly and painfully for their silence as the ones who did not see the terrible horrors of Nazi Germany.

At most 161 have been implicated in protests at Extinction Rebellion’s offshoot over the past 2 months. There have also been 860 arrests.

Up to 32 members of the group could spend up to 2 years behind bars for violating a High Court order by blocking motorway traffic. 

Insulate Britain wants every British house to be insulate by 2030. Last week’s outrage turned to laughter when Insulate Britain seated in Parliament Square and blocked a truckload full of insulation material. 

Yesterday, one of its spokesmen, Tracey Mallaghan, told Sky News of more planned protests, saying: ‘What the public needs to understand is: we will keep fighting.

We work weekly. We all thought that we wouldn’t be able to do more than two or three consecutive weeks. “We were all prepared to be sent to prison.

Just over a week ago, Greta Thunberg voiced support for the tactics of Insulate Britain, saying sometimes you have to ‘p*** people off’ to protect the environment. 

Their statement today on the Holocaust comes after Justin Welby, who claimed that leaders in the world who do not act to combat climate change are worse than those who ignore the Nazis, was made to apologise Monday.

In an unusual interview, the Archbishop Of Canterbury stated that politicians who ignore the responsibility of limiting global heating would “allow genocide at an infinitely larger scale” than Hitler’s.

Later, the Archbishop issued an “unambiguous apology” to Jewish people and admitted that it was wrong to draw comparisons to Nazis.

The bizarre comments were made during a conversation with Laura Kuenssberg (BBC’s political editor), in which he claimed that Cop26 leaders will be ‘cursed’ if they do not get it right.

Asked about his use of the term ‘cursed’, the Archbishop said he had ‘consciously’ used the word, adding: ‘People will speak of them in far stronger terms than we speak today of the politicians of the 30s – of the politicians who ignored what was happening in Nazi Germany.

“This will endanger people around the world over generations. We will not be able to prevent it.”

When asked if he meant to say that failure to address climate change was worse than not ignoring Hitler, and permitting genocide, Archbishop Welby replied: “It will permit a genocide of an infinitely larger scale.

Eco activists from Insulate Britain attempt to block traffic at Parliament Square last Thursday

Insulate Britain Eco-activists tried to stop traffic in Parliament Square on Thursday last week

“I don’t know if there are grades or widths of genocide, but I do believe there is. It will also be indirect genocide by negligence or recklessness that will return to us, our children, and our grandchildren. 

Stephen Pollard editor of The Jewish Chronicle newspaper said that his comments caused a furious backlash. He said, “I just cannot understand how Welby can still be a priest and an Archbishop.”

In a rare public retract, however, the Archbishop issued an “unequivocal apology” and stated that he was trying to emphasize the severity of Cop26’s situation.

Archbishop Justin Welby was forced to apologise last week after claiming that world leaders who fail to act on climate change could be worse than those who ignored the Nazis

After claiming that leaders in the world who do not act on climate change are worse than those who ignore them, Archbishop Justin Welby had to apologize.

He posted on Twitter: “It’s not right to compare the atrocities committed by Nazis. I am sorry for any offence this has caused to Jews.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister answered the question whether the remarks were inappropriate. He said that individuals can choose how to frame the problem.

“I believe world leaders and those who are here understand the gravity of this situation.”