Spurned Sussex University lecturer Professor Kathleen Stock has said she was protecting women by warning against policies that allow men to ‘self-identify as female’.

In her first interview on television since retiring, the analytic philosopher expert stated that there was more to it than being offended.

While she acknowledged that her views were not to everyone’s liking, she added that they are ‘important topics we need to discuss’.

Prof Stock also revealed she receives letters from trans people slamming the attacks on her and denouncing the views of hardcore activists.

She said the writers blast campaigning groups purporting to act in their name and rail against the idea of self ID.

Ministers had been warned that the Bill on free speech requires a “Stock Amendment” to safeguard academics against vicious students.

Buckingham University vice-chancellor asked for the modification to avoid a repetition of what Kathleen Stock experienced.

Last month, Professor Stock faced death threats and was forced to resign from her position at Sussex University.

A hate mob plastered the campus with posters accusing her of ‘transphobia’ – which she denies – because of her views on sex and gender identity.

Universities minister has warned universities not to restrict academic freedom speech. He also revealed the legislation that will protect them.

Kathleen Stock explains her views on gender and trans-related issues. 

Kathleen Stock has written to Parliament, November 2020. Here are her thoughts on trans-issues

  • Manhood and womanhood have biological similarities, but not genders or identities.
  • Transwomen can be called women, but that is not the truth.
  • The attraction to the same-sex is what determines sexual orientation, whether it’s gay or lesbian.
  • In order to safeguard them, spaces where women sleep and undress should be kept genuinely monosex.
  • Minors with gender identity disorder should not receive puberty blocking drugs for children.

When Prof Stock was asked if her views were not liked by people, she replied that yes and I’m sorry.

“But I believe there’s more at play than people getting offended. Because there are so many important issues concerning women, children and gay persons that we have to address.

Trans people also wrote to her, expressing disapproval at the circumstances she was placed in as well as the views of hardcore activists.

She replied, “I think it’s clear that trans people wrote to me to say that they disagree with this situation.

“They don’t think it’s too extreme, and they aren’t in agreement with campaigning groups who speak under their banner.

They don’t want their own ID and don’t feel it is right. Trans people, as one might imagine, are diverse individuals who can argue with one another. We should also be able do this.

Some students outraged by Prof Stock’s comments about gender, called for Professor Stock’s firing.

In the tunnel that runs from Falmer station up to the university, posters stating she “makes trans students dangerous” were put up.

Along with burning flares, banners stating “Stock Out”, were also held. Others attacked her online via the #ShameOnSussexUni hashtag.

Protesters let off flares during a trans campaign against the then Sussex University Professor Stock

Protesters set off fireworks during a trans-campaign against Professor Stock, then of Sussex University.

Professor of criminology at Open University who stated that transgender women with male bodies should not be kept in female prisons is subject to public harassment 

Open University Criminology Professor Jo Phoenix described being compared to a “racist uncle” at Christmas for her gender-critical views. Professor Jo Phoenix has crowdfunded more than £80,000 to fight her current employers for not protecting her from a bullying campaign after she expressed views about the silencing of academic debate on transgender issues.

According to her, the Open University made it impossible for her to achieve her goals and left her feeling ‘like a paedah’. Professor Phoenix claimed she was publicly shamed and harassed for her work in launching the Open University’s gender-critical research network.

Also, she said that her belief in male-bodied prisoners being allowed into female prisons led to her being called transphobic as well as racist. Her goal is to prevent female academics being bullied by people who do not agree with her views about sex and gender.

After an accusation from an inmate, the High Court declared the government’s policy of housing transgender women within female prisons legal. Karen White, a male born in the USA but placed in HMP New Hall as a female prisoner after he identified himself as a woman to authorities in 2018, sexually assaulted 2 female prisoners. 

James Tooley from Buckingham University claims that even though the Bill allows free speech, it does not prohibit another campaign of intimidation.

It would not be possible to end the harassment that Professor Stock was subjected by his students, he said.

The Telegraph reported that he said: “She was not told she couldn’t publish articles. She was still a Professor.

“But she was subject to a coordinated, organized and vile campaign of students and staff. This made her afraid to go out to work and scared that she would be fired.

His ‘Stock Amendment’, he believes, would permit academics to sue or complaint to universities if they are not protected from harassment.

Professor Tooley disclosed that there were two Conservative peer members who would support his bill in the House of Lords.

The Bill refers to ‘academic freedom’ for staff as ‘their freedom within the law and within their field of expertise — (a) to question and test received wisdom, and (b) to put forward new ideas and controversial or unpopular opinions, without placing themselves at risk of being adversely affected in any of the ways described in subsection’.

Institutions would be required to ensure free speech on campuses. This will make it a requirement to register at the Office for Students.

These universities could face investigation and be sanctioned or fined by the watchdog if they don’t comply with these guidelines.

Adam Tickell Vice-Chancellor, Sussex University, strongly defended Professor Stock’s untrammelled right to “say what she believes”.

Meanwhile more than 200 academics from other universities signed a letter calling out the abuse from ‘trans activist bullies’.

Prof Stock stated on Twitter last month that she would be leaving her job and adding that “other institutions could learn from this”.

I was not the only one being hounded by students telling lies. My academic peers were also affected. KATHLEEN STOCKS reveals how it felt to be ridiculed for their beliefs and expelled from Sussex University.

A little over a month ago I set out on Wednesday to go to work. I am – or at least I was – a professor at Sussex University, and that day I was teaching classes in feminist philosophy.

In the past I was told that my views on gender identity and sex were embarrassing to Sussex.

But there wasn’t any embarrassment in seeing the increasing number of curious and bright students enter my classroom.

Kathleen Stock, recently resigned from her Professorship at Sussex University after controversy over her views on gender and trans issues

Kathleen Stock, who was recently fired from her professorship at Sussex University following controversy about her views regarding gender and transgender issues, has resigned.

I got off the train and joined the crowd walking through a tunnel to the university entrance – to find the walls were plastered with posters, each one screaming my name in bold capitals.



I had difficulty breathing and returned to the station. There, an employee of the railway offered me water. I later saw an Instagram account called ‘Kathleen Stock, a Transphobe’. This photo showed people wearing balaclavas, with banners and flares that read ‘Stock Out’.

I was called a “spiteful bootslipper” by the website and it urged viewers to be angry. According to anonymous sources, I’d be around until we’re fired.

It is not Sussex University that I was a junior lecturer at in 2003. In 2003, students were reluctant to accept any moral convictions.

They would insist that it was all relative.

This is a time of greater certainty, which can cause anxiety in inexperienced and young professionals.

In the past, my views wouldn’t have been considered controversial. Simply, I believe that it is right for us to have a debate about the growing demand of trans activists that we recognize someone’s “gender identity” rather than their biological sexuality.

Trans people are utterly hateful. These people need to be protected from abuse.

However, we need to look at what these demands are doing and how they affect women and girls.

Why should people born as men – who’ve never had a sex change operation – be given access to female changing rooms, for example? Refuges for women in domestic violence and women’s prisons.

Consider the impact on children’s health if they say that they want to switch genders but put themselves at risk of receiving irreversible medical treatment.

As a teenager lesbian, these subjects are very important to me. However, truth and freedom are important to me.

Three years ago I decided that these are issues we needed to be discussed. Surprised, others, even some students and Sussex colleagues, agreed with me.

Protests were held at my talks. Official complaints were made against me and I was subject to disciplinary investigation. My bosses were notified by student deputations. They demanded I quit teaching feminism.

I was ‘no-platformed’ – disinvited from speaking in public – after protests. I was also denounced by academics in open letter, especially when an OBE was given to me last January.

This particular letter accuses me of being a transphobic fearmongering and helping to limit access to lifesaving medical treatment for trans persons. It also suggests that I have been promoting harassment against people of other genders.

This is all utterly false.

The campus security manager was concerned for my safety and advised me to use the emergency phone system. He also arranged for a spyhole to be installed in my office.

My book Material Girls, which I published in March 2017, was the catalyst for a new campaign against my character.

Even so, it was impossible to imagine the vicious rage that I felt over the last few weeks.

They were removed only for them to reappearance the following day.

I spotted stickers on the walls and doors in my building talking about ‘the transphobic s*** that comes out of Kathleen Stock’s mouth’.

Demonstrations were held. Police officers warned me that I needed to improve my security.

Unknown number of masked men disrupted the University Open Day.

They made angry speeches and set off flares.

I was frightened and demoralized a few days later.

Although it would be easy to blame the students, there is a great deal of responsibility on the part of the ringleaders. However, things can get more complex than this.

It was revealed that not many of the people who were involved actually knew my opinions.

It was not known, however, that I supported transgender rights and have stated my support repeatedly.

People who hold ‘luxury belief’ seem to have no idea what I meant.

Such frivolously held opinions can give the student protesters – often from privileged backgrounds – extra social status with their tribe.

In the past, Kathleen had been told her views on sex and gender identity were an embarrassment to Sussex

Kathleen was once told that her views regarding sex identity and gender were embarrassing to Sussex in the past.

Don’t forget the expenses for those who are less wealthy.

Unsolicited social media posts showed an angry university worker removing the poster attacking me. He asked: Who do you serve? Transphobes, students?

When was the last time that students were served by workmen?

My oppressors did not know or care that a growing number of transgender people agreed with me about Stonewall’s excessive lobbying.

When confronted by observers, protesters said that I was transphobic and had seen this on social media.

They had heard the same thing in lectures.

At Sussex, as I have long known to my cost, there exists a group of academic colleagues – none of them to my knowledge trans themselves – who are hell-bent on disseminating false claims that I am ‘transphobic’, which is to say a hater of trans people.

Over the past three years, this slur on my character has been repeated by colleagues in classes, in department meetings and – of course – on social media.

Students created a group on Facebook in 2019 to talk about ways to get me fired. Their academic peers posted messages of solidarity.

A single individual spent three years writing the same message in tweets: Kathleen Stock is a danger for every Sussex trans student. It is a lie, and I can attest that it’s not supported by the many supportive emails from trans student.

While I am writing this, an ex-colleague, whose office is four doors away from mine, tweets that it will never be a complete accounting of how people in the institution helped and assisted her.

Of course, ‘Here’ is actually me.

If supposedly responsible adults are acting so badly in public, can you blame young people following their lead?

All of this was debilitating. Sometimes I struggled to get up from my bed.

It is clear that I am not having a problem.

However, no one should have to endure such a torture just to be able to speak their mind.

This has been a horrible message for students and lecturers at Sussex University. They should not be silent, or you will face the same fate.

This is an academic disaster for many universities.

The university’s statements regarding my departure were strong in defending academic freedom. This is a good start. However, Sussex needs to work hard to repair its image and rebuild the trust of students and staff.

Stonewall’s intransigent views on gender identity must be rejected by the university. This line condemns debate and even dissent.

They insist that everyone must have the right to choose their gender based on their feelings.

PAINTED AS THE VILLAIN: Protests and graffiti by trans activists forced Sussex University professor Kathleen Stock, left, to resign

PAINTED AS A VILLAIN: Kathleen Stock (left), a Sussex University professor, was forced to quit due to protests and graffiti from trans activists.

Sussex, like many universities and other institutions pays Stonewall for being a diversity champion. Sussex even declared its desire to be included in the Stonewall Top 100 Employer Index for 2025.

The university will now be instructed by a lobby organization with extremist, unevidenced, and divisive views.

The Sussex Freedom of Information Requests show the depth of this intimate relationship.

These documents show Stonewall’s position has been ingrained in the institution. University management already has modified internal policies so that any references to biological sexual sex will be virtually invisible. Staff and students can feel this is very chilling.

This means that I’m a transphobe when I state that males who pretend to be women on the basis only of their inner feelings should not be allowed to enter women’s prisons.

Also, I will say to children that talking therapy should not be used for drug abuse.

I know of many other academics who share my views and don’t mind expressing them. They are in desperate need of help. They’re losing the freedom to express themselves and their ideas, whether through bullying or self-censorship.

Argument and evidence are acceptable. “No” to intimidation and witch-hunts under false pretenses of creating a safe and inclusive environment.

I can see it’s tempting to present campus life as a comforting cocoon – particularly when universities must compete for students. For those who do not fit, this could lead to rejection.

Social herd members who are part of the awkward team pose a serious threat. Herds are easy to lead, as it turns out. These herds can often become mobs.

Many bad ideas once seemed attractive until they were debunked by contrarians, eccentrics, heretics, naysayers, difficult women – and even down-the-line traditionalists. These people are important members of society and life. These people should not be ignored.

The mob won’t come after you, either.