EDEN CONFIDENTIAL. Bafta boss quits following race- and sex-claims rows. However, critics say she’s also become too familiar with William & Kate.

Bafta’s president, the Duke of Cambridge had an enormous impact on television and film. He was critical of the lack of diversity in the awards, which led to a massive shake-up.

Amanda Berry has been resigned as the Bafta boss. Critics claim she was too familiar with the royals and had become an ‘over-familiar. According to my source, Berry jumps before she is pushed. 

She’s allowed to depart gracefully. Berry is a controversial figure who has become too intimate with the royals and caused a lot of hurt over the years. Her favorite impression was that William or Kate were her best friends.

Berry, 60 years old, has served as chief executive of Doctor Who since 2000. He was also heavily criticised for awarding Noel Clarke the Outstanding Contribution to Cinema Award this year, shortly after sexual misconduct accusations against him were made. 

Close: The royals chat and laugh with Berry at the awards

Close-up: Berry laughs and talks with the royals at the awards 

Clarke was awarded the gong by more than 20 women in the same month.

Clarke denies any misconduct. He said in a statement that Clarke had not committed any misconduct. He stated that he will seek professional assistance to ‘educate myself’ and ‘change for the better.

Bafta suspended Clarke from the award, and Clarke was subsequently expelled. Clarke was also expelled but criticised for his lack of investigation.

Pally: Berry with the Cambridges

Berry with the Cambridges 

Prince William had criticised the 2020 awards for not being diverse in 2020. The four categories of acting nominees were all made up of white men. However, no woman was nominated as best director for the seventh straight year. 

Berry said she wouldn’t be going for more than a single year. Kevin Price was the Bafta chief executive officer. “As we get closer to Bafta’s75th anniversary, Kevin Price and I have been reflecting on all that I and my truly remarkable team have accomplished and it feels like it is the right moment to make plans to hand over the mask.

Berry’s exit was not connected to Clarke, according to a spokesperson.