Childminder, 36, was questioned by police after she claimed that she had ‘pressed teddies to CRYING baby’s face’. A video of her doing so shows “her blowing hard at screaming child”.

  • Police questioned the nanny following footage that showed her “blowing hard” on the baby.
  • While detectives looked into her case, Ofsted closed the nursery.
  • This follows a string of horrendous child murders that have been reported in UK courts.
  • Star Hobson was 16 months old, while Arthur Labinjo–Hughes was six.

After disturbing video footage revealed her screaming at the baby, a childminder was placed under arrest by police.

The 36-year old was caught on tape putting the toy in her six-month-old son’s face, crying.

While Ofsted was closing the nursery, detectives indicated that they would be investigating whether to prosecute the woman.

It comes after a series of cases of horrific child killings in UK courts, including Star Hobson, 16 months, and Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, six.

A childminder is under investigation after disturbing footage showed her 'blowing hard' on a screaming infant

Unsettling footage has led to the investigation of a childminder. It showed that she ‘blew hard’ on an infant who was screaming.

Footage revealed that the nanny, wearing a skirt and cardigan, appeared to be playing with the baby while it howls in terror.

Leaning in, she ‘blows very hard’ at the baby, pulling it’s cot forwards and backwards despite his tears.

Before moving on, she lets out one more powerful punch before placing her teddy onto the baby’s forehead and holding it there until she moves away. She proclaims, “When your scream.” “I blow.”

According to the Sun, the Gloucestershire Police stated that they wanted advice from Crown Prosecution Service.

According to a source, the video was horrifying for parents. She could have left her babies to die.

Police are probing the 36-year-old after she was recorded putting the toy on the six-month-old's face as the youngster cried

The 36-year old was caught on camera putting the toy in the baby’s mouth while the child cried. Police now want to question her

Last week Star Hobson’s mother Frankie Smith, 20, was handed an eight-year sentence for allowing her daughter’s death.

Meanwhile Smith’s girlfriend Savannah Brockhill, 28, was jailed for life for murdering the youngster.

Earlier this month Emma Tustin, 32, was jailed for life with a minimum term of 29 years after beating the defenceless youngster at her home in Solihull.

Arthur’s father Thomas Hughes (29 years old) was found guilty for his son’s murder and sentenced to 21-year imprisonment.