EXCLUSIVE! Elle Macpherson reveals that Andrew Wakefield is a disgraced doctor and anti-vaxxer. Elle Macpherson says they split ‘almost two years ago’

Following breakup rumours, Elle Macpherson (Australian supermodel) has officially announced that she is now divorced from Andrew Wakefield. 

Daily Mail Australia received the following news from a spokesperson: The 57-year old revealed that she and her anti-vaxxer husband split almost two years ago.  

The spokesperson confirmed that Elle had ended their relationship with Dr Wakefield almost two years earlier. 

EXCLUSIVE: Elle Macpherson has confirmed her split from disgraced former doctor Andrew Wakefield. A spokesperson for the 57-year-old revealed the news with Daily Mail Australia on Thursday, revealing the supermodel and anti-vaxxer actually broke up 'almost two years ago'

EXCLUSIVE – Elle Macpherson confirmed that she has resigned from Andrew Wakefield, a disgraced ex-doctoral. Daily Mail Australia spoke to a spokesperson for Macpherson, explaining that she and Andrew Wakefield split almost two years ago.

“There has not been any contact since.”

Elle is said to have first begun dating British anti-vaxxer Wakefield, in 2017.

When Wakefield was asked earlier this year about the breakup rumors, a spokesperson said that 65-year old Wakefield rarely answered press inquiries from major news outlets and didn’t give any details on his personal life.

Making headlines: The former couple were first spotted kissing at a farmers' market in Miami in 2018

It’s been a big news story: In 2018, the former couple was spotted kissing at Miami’s farmers’ market.

Wakefield, who hails originally from Berkshire was struck off the medical registry in 2010, after his research that showed a connection between MMR jabs (or MMR) and autism was revealed as an elaborate fraud.  

False claims by his coworkers led to an increase in measles cases and decreased vaccination rates among children.

In the US, he re-emerged as an activist and filmmaker. Last year it was reported that he had used the virus pandemic of the coronavirus to create paranoia and spread conspiracy theories regarding vaccination. 

His ex-wife Carmel and he, who settled down in Austin Texas in November 2016, are reported to have split in 2017. He met Elle in November of that same year at an Orlando, Florida, Doctors Who Rock awards ceremony. 

Controversial: Wakefield, originally from Berkshire, was struck off the medical register in 2010 after his research showing the supposed link between the MMR jabs and autism was exposed as an 'elaborate fraud'

Controversial. Wakefield was originally from Berkshire and was removed from the medical register after his research proving the link between MMR jabs, autism, and the MMR jabs was revealed as an “elaborate fraud”.

In 2018, the couple was first seen kissing in a Miami farmers market. 

Wakefield previously dismissed Covid-19 and called it the “WuFlu”, referring to Wuhan, China, which is where the pandemic first began.

In an internet ‘Health Freedom Summit, he stated that the death rate was exaggerated and that the consequences of the pandemic had been caused by a fallacy.

In November last year, it was reported that Elle dubbed the pandemic a ‘divine time’ to promote the campaign against vaccinations – backing her disgraced former doctor boyfriend. 

Wakefield introduced her as “Elle Macpherson,” his girlfriend, in video footage taken by the Mail ahead of an American screening of his latest anti-vaccination propaganda.

He was speaking to her in North Carolina. She said that she made the film during Covid. It’s beautiful because of its sacred timing. Because it is so timely and relevant. And it came at a time when mandatory and voluntary vaccinations are on everyone’s minds.

This was the first time the model-turned-entrepreneur had acknowledged their relationship in public and endorsed his activism.

Reports: In November last year, it was reported that Elle dubbed the pandemic a 'divine time' to promote the campaign against vaccinations ¿ backing anti-vaxxer Wakefield

Reports: In November last year, it was reported that Elle dubbed the pandemic a ‘divine time’ to promote the campaign against vaccinations – backing anti-vaxxer Wakefield

Elle said she was ‘honoured’ to be sharing the stage with Wakefield, saying she first heard about ‘Andy’ in 1998 – the year his now-notorious sham research falsely claimed to have discovered evidence in 12 children that the MMR vaccine caused autism. 

Elle was previously married to Gilles Bensimon (France fashion photographer) from 1986-1989. She also got married to Jeffrey Soffer (American billionaire), who she later wed in 2013. 

With her French financier husband Arpad Busson, she has 2 children, Flynn and Cy.

High-profile exes: Before dating Wakefield, Elle was married twice previously to French fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon from 1986 -1989 and American billionaire Jeffrey Soffer, who she wed in 2013

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