The organised mum’s Christmas napkin trick adds style and elegance to the dining room. It takes only seconds

  • An Aussie mom shares her napkin tip that will add style and elegance to Christmas dinner
  • A linen napkin is used to make this simple, yet effective flower pattern.
  • The elegant, yet simple napkin fold will amaze guests as they sit down to eat. 
  • A woman said, “This is simple and clear,” in an Instagram comment below.

A mum of two from Australia is known for her home-hack videos and has created a tip to bring elegance to Christmas dinner. 

Carolina McCauley of Perth showed how you can create a beautiful and easy flower design by simply using a linen napkin.

First, lay your linen napkin flat and then fold the corners of each corner into the center. 

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To create the look first lay out your linen napkin so it lays flat as square, next begin folding the four corners from each side into the middle

Now flip the napkin over and begin folding the outer corners in toward the middle Once the four corners are in the middle fold the four outer corners in toward the middle again, to create a "chatterbox" effect

Carolina McCauley, a Perth-based florist shared her easy to follow instructions for creating a flower pattern using only a linen napkin

To create a “chatterbox effect”, fold in four of the outer corners toward the center once the corners have been pressed into the middle. 

Turn the napkin on its side and start folding in the middle.

Hold the center pieces in one hand, and then use the other to pull the napkin layers from the corners. 

The napkin can be pulled in this way to create a tapered leaf or petals effect.   

To finish the look, continue pulling the corners out of the napkin.

This simple, yet elegant napkin fold will impress your guests as they sit down to eat. 

Pulling the napkin in this manner will create a tapered "leaf" or "petal" effect with inner and outer layers

Continue pulling out the four corners of the napkin and place onto the dining table to see the completed look

This simple, yet elegant napkin fold will impress your guests as they sit down to eat.

On Instagram, a woman wrote: “This is simple and clear,” 

Another added: “Wow, I love that look. Will definitely try it.”

‘I think I could manage this one, and it’s pretty.’