Emily Ratajkowski has shared her anguish over her decision to accuse Robin Thicke of groping her in her new book, saying her ‘beliefs and politics evolved’ to the point where she couldn’t remain silent any longer. 

Ratajkowski, who was 21 years old when the video for the song was released, danced topless. It was a huge hit that spent 12 consecutive weeks at the Billboard Hot 100.

Robin Thicke, 44, was accused by the model of ‘groping’ her naked breasts during a 2013 clip.

On Thursday, she posted an explanation to Instagram about why she claimed it. 

She said that her essay about her experiences on set was included in her new book, My Body. It’says so many about the evolution of both my beliefs, and politics. 

'I had a hard time writing that essay for a bunch of different reasons,' Emily began in a lengthy post shared during an Instagram Q&A on Thursday

‘I had a hard time writing that essay for a bunch of different reasons,’ Emily began in a lengthy post shared during an Instagram Q&A on Thursday

Earlier this month, the 30-year-old model accused singer Robin Thicke of 'groping' her bare breasts as they shot the suggestive music video for the hit Blurred Lines in 2013

Robin Thicke, a 30-year-old singer, was accused of ‘groping her naked breasts’ during the shoot for the music video for Blurred Lines (2013).

‘I had a hard time writing that essay for a bunch of different reasons,’ Emily began in a lengthy post shared during an Instagram Q&A on Thursday.

Ratajkowski (30) said that most of his jobs were sucked before the video.

“I was either shooting online e-commerce for stores where I felt nothing more than a model or I’d be in lingerie as a middle-aged male photographer. [sic]She told me to laugh,’ she recalled in her essay, which was appropriately titled after the hit song.   

The music video shows Ratjkowski and Elle Evans, fellow models, and JessiM’Bengue, famously dancing topless with Thicke as well as collaborators Pharrell. 

The women paraded in front of a balloon sign reading: ‘Robin Thicke has a big d***.’

Ratajkowski's book My Body, out on November 9, has been met with rave reviews from critics

My Body, Ratajkowski’s new book, was published on November 9. It received rave reviews from critics 

Thicke whispers to Ratajkowski at one point in the video: “I know you want that,” a line critics claim perpetuates rape culture. The song was banned from several universities. 

Ratajkowski thought that “[Blurred Lines]She writes that she was different because she was surrounded by women she trusted and liked, and that she had fun on set.

She said, “Being a sexy woman in a music videos made me feel cool, cool, and powerful.” I told the whole world that it was empowering. It was in many ways.

Ratajkowski concluded her post by telling her readers that they would have to read the essay in order to fully understand the other sides of her experience.

On a lighter note, one of Emily’s fans informed her during the Q&A that they had ‘cited one of [her]Essays for my MFA thesis. 

The fan thanked Emily and expressed his excitement at getting the book. According to Amazon, it will be available on November 9.

The $18.29 price tag has received rave reviews from critics. 

The Chicago Tribune described it as a “provocative curve ball” with “absorbing essays on beauty, consent, and consent.”

Before the career-making cameo, Emily said that 'most of my jobs at that point kind of sucked' and that the modeling work was often dehumanizing

Emily stated that before the career-making appearance,’most’ of her jobs were’sucked’ and that modeling was often dehumanizing.

Emily thought '[Blurred Lines] was different' because she 'was surrounded by women I liked and trusted' and she actually 'had fun on set'

Emily thought, “[Blurred Lines]Different because she was’surrounded by women I liked, trusted’ and actually had fun on set. 

Time Magazine wrote that Ratajkowski ‘brings nuanced insight to questions about empowerment versus commodification of women’s bodies and sexuality,’ according to a critic roundup on Amazon.

Thicke has been keeping a low profile since Emily made her sexual assault allegations public.

It was initially reported by the Sunday Times Of London. The full story about the incident between Thicke, a 30-year-old model, is featured in My Body.

Suddenly, out-of-the-blue, I felt the coolness of a stranger’s hand touching my bare breasts from behind. She claimed that I instinctively turned my back on Robin Thicke and moved away. 

Emily also commented on Emily’s reaction to the incident and suggested that he didn’t take his actions seriously.

'He smiled a goofy grin and stumbled backward, his eyes concealed behind his sunglasses,' Ratajkowski wrote of Thicke after he allegedly groped her breasts in 2013

After Thicke allegedly groped her breasts, Ratajkowski wrote that Thicke smiled a goofy smile and stumbled backward, with his eyes hidden behind his sunglasses.

“He smiled a silly grin and stumbled backwards, his eyes hidden behind his sunglasses.

Emily attempted to salvage the moment by shrugging off the groping and continuing the shoot.

‘I pushed the tip of my chin forward and shrugged. I felt the heat of humiliation rushing through my body, as I avoided eye contact. I didn’t react – not really, not like I should have,’ she wrote.

Diane Martel, the video’s director, came forward to support Emily’s recounting.

“I still remember the moment he grabbed my breasts. One in each. She claimed that he stood behind her while they were both standing in profile. ‘I screamed in my very aggressive Brooklyn voice, “What the f*** are you doing, that’s it!! The shoot is finished !!”‘

Later, Thicke claimed that Thicke’s drinking habits contributed to the incident. He stated: ‘I don’t think he’d have done this if he was sober.

Ratajkowski later spoke to People and gave the media outlet her reason for not going public with her allegation at the time. 

Lighter note: On a lighter note, one of Emily's fans informed her during the Q&A that they had 'cited one of [her] essays for my MFA thesis'

Lighter note: On a lighter note, one of Emily’s fans informed her during the Q&A that they had ‘cited one of [her]essays for my MFA thesis

“I was an unknown model. If I had complained, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t be famous,” she said to the outlet.

The runway regular also stated that she wrote the book to help others empathize and feel her feelings.

She stated, “I hope people are capable of reading the essay and understanding the nuance behind such kinds of situations,”

Ratajkowski was born to a pair American school teachers in London. 

She attended high school in San Diego and played a small part in Nickelodeon’s iCarly in 2009. This was before she got her break in the Blurred Lines video a few decades later.

After that, she appeared with Ben Affleck in Gone Girl and walked the runways for Versace and Miu Miu.

Thicke has not yet made public comments or made an official statement on the allegation.