A Met detective accused of groping a female officer’s breasts at the Christmas party told a hearing he was ‘absolutely certain’ she consented – because she fancied him.

DI Jonathan Kent placed his hands on the officer’s bottom and chest after they danced together at the Sway Bar in Holborn, central London, on December 12, 2019.

They had hugged and kissed after leaving the dancefloor together before the woman reminded Kent of his ‘fiancée and children’.

Kent accepts that he has violated the standards of professionalism in respect to authority and respect.

However, he insists that the woman was willing to touch him.

The complainant became a junior police constable in Kent’s division in February 2019.

Met Detective Inspector Jonathan Kent placed his hand on the officer’s bottom in Sway club

Met Detective Inspector Jonathan Kent placed his hand on the officer’s bottom in Sway club

They both danced at trendy Sway Bar in Holborn, central London, on December 12, 2019

Both of them danced at the trendy Sway bar in Holborn (central London) on 12/12/2019

Kent testified via video link that she was attracted to him today.

He insisted: ‘I had heard from various sources at different times. This was just banter at the office.

‘She had said to various people at various times that she fancied me and that she was going to come after me.’

The team stopped at Covent Garden’s pub before they headed to Holborn on the night of the Christmas party.

‘I noticed in the pub she was making eye contact and holding eye contact a number of times whilst having a drink,’ Kent said.

The panel at the Sway Bar heard Kent and the lady remained at their table, along with small groups of officers to finish the remaining bottles of wine.

Met Detective Inspector Jonathan Kent says the touching was consensual - she denies that

Jonathan Kent, Met Detective Inspector says that the touching was congenial – she disputes this assertion

The misconduct hearing is at the International Dispute Resolution Centre in central London

This misconduct hearing will be held at the International Dispute Resolution Centre (central London).

The former inspector said: ‘As the meal was progressing we were speaking more informally with each other.

‘She sat next to me, touching me, touching my knee.’

The two of them danced together later in the night, both as a couple and separately.

‘I took that whole thing to be very flirtatious behaviour and I was probably being flirtatious myself as well and in my mind it was being received well,’ Kent said.

‘I had absolutely no indication that what I was doing was not welcome or accepted.

He added: ‘She was going out for a cigarette.

‘She asked me to go out with her.

‘It was a continuation of the flirtatious atmosphere that was between us.

‘It was a two-way thing.’

Kent was open to touching her bottom, breasts, and crotch.

He added that while he is ‘ashamed’ of those actions he is certain it was what his colleague wanted.

‘She was saying she liked me, she fancied me, she wanted to do something, but what if somebody sees us, and what about your family.

‘But there was no message to say what you are doing is wrong or I don’t want this.’

He added: ‘It is a matter of huge regret for me.

‘I totally accept that I let myself down personally and professionally.

‘I went out on a Christmas do, had too much to drink and conducted myself in a manner that is not consistent with my character.

‘I am deeply sorry to everybody who has had to work as part of this unpleasant process.

‘I am very sorry to her as well for any trouble that she has been put towards.

‘For whatever hardship she suffered as a result of this I’m very very sorry.’

Kent, who is now described at Met Police Central West Command Unit as a former DI, admitted that he violated standards of professionalism in respect of authority as well respect for and politeness.

However, he maintained that those violations were misconduct.

At the International Dispute Resolution Centre (central London), continues the hearing.