Eurocrats believe Boris Johnson is able to intervene and resolve the Brexit impasse… however, there won’t be any breakthrough without his intervention

  • Maros Sefcovic stated that there wouldn’t be any breakthrough without the intervention of PM
  • Friday will see talks between the Vice President of European Commission and Lord Frost
  • EU official suggested customs checks between Britain and Northern Ireland could be slashed further if UK agrees to a role for the European Court of Justice

Eurocrats need Boris Johnson to break the Brexit impasse in Northern Ireland.

Maros Sefcovic was vice-president of European Commission and told private MEP meeting that no breakthrough would be possible without direct intervention from Prime Minister.

The comments were made by an EU official who suggested that the customs check between Northern Ireland’s British mainland and Northern Ireland might be cut further if Britain agrees to the European Court of Justice role, which Lord Frost opposes.

European Commission vice-president Maros Sefcovic told a private meeting of MEPs that there will be no breakthrough without a direct intervention from the Prime Minister

Maros Sefcovic was vice-president of European Commission and told private MEP meeting that no breakthrough will occur without direct intervention from Prime Minister

‘Lord Frost needs political instruction,’ Mr Sefcovic said, urging Mr Johnson to get involved in the faltering discussions.

‘There has been no move at all from the UK side. Wider EU-UK relations are in question.’

On Friday, Mr Sefcovic and Lord Frost will continue their talks.

He made his remarks after a high-ranking official from the Commission suggested that the EU might offer a blueprint for reducing border checks and red tape.

Eurocrats want Prime Minister Boris Johnson to step in and break the Brexit deadlock on Northern Ireland

Eurocrats demand that Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, intervenes to end the Brexit deadlock in Northern Ireland

Eurocrats announced a plan last month that claimed to reduce paperwork and check on grocery goods checks by 80 percent.

A further compromise could come if Britain dropped its ‘unattainable’ demand on the role of European judges and the ECJ, a source said last night.

‘We have moved, and it’s time for the UK to,’ the source added.

A Government source said: ‘Lord Frost and the Prime Minister are completely aligned on the Northern Ireland Protocol.’