After the disturbance at Wembley in which opposing supporters clashed with police officers last month, Met Police have increased their presence to England’s match with Albania

  • Police and fans of Hungary clashed during their match at Wembley against England 
  • One fan was taken into custody for racistally abusing the steward in clash last month
  • The Met Police are increasing their presence in the area for Friday’s friendly with Albania 

Following disturbances at Wembley’s World Cup qualification draw with Hungary, last month, the Met Police increased their number of officers who are on duty on Friday night.

Over 1,000 Hungarian fans cheered England’s players as they took to the ground before kick-off. One was also arrested for racist abuse of a steward. This prompted fighting between police officers and visiting fans.

They have already sold over 4,400 tickets to Albanian supporters for Friday’s football game, and are working together with the police in order to increase security.

There will be an increased number of officers on duty for England's game with Albania

An increase in officers will be on duty during England’s friendly with Albania

Hungary fans clashed with police during the World Cup qualifier at Wembley last month

Police and fans from Hungary clashed during last month’s World Cup qualifying match at Wembley

The police were faced with a mob from Hungary supporters and forced to withdraw.

After violent clashes at an away end of the stadium, black-clad officers were overthrown by ultras (some wearing skeleton Balaclavas).

The shocking footage shows the Met running as one man climbs over another to throw punches at officers.

England was recently told to play one game behind closed doors because of the disturbances at Wembley Stadium in the Euro 2020 final. 

More than 1,000 fans booed England players for taking the knee before the Hungary game

Over 1,000 people booed England’s players who took the time to kneel before the Hungary match.

For the next UEFA Competition match, the stadium ban will apply. UEFA banned the second match for two years. 

The Football Association was fined 100,000 euros (£84,560) for ‘the lack of order and discipline inside and around the stadium’ for the game. 

The fans clashed with police officers and stewards as they tried to gain entry to Wembley to watch the game on 11 July. England was defeated by Italy in penalties.

After areas surrounding the stadium were packed for hours prior to the kick-off, hundreds of people crowded into Wembley without purchasing tickets.