After being convicted of 11 counts voyeurism, Jayson Lobo was sentenced to three years imprisonment. Since then, he was released 

An ex-girlfriend was jailed by a police officer after secretly filming him having sexual relations with seven women.

The woman, who was in a relationship with Jayson Lobo, a former British athletics champion, didn’t know that he had been finally held accountable for his sick actions until a friend informed him.

MailOnline spoke under anonymity to say that “at that point everything that had occurred in our relationship made sense because it exposed his true nature,” she said.

“I was looking for someone that I could trust.

“But it turned to be that our whole relationship was built on his lies – he thought he was able to get away with everything and was invincible.”

Lobo, 51, won the British 800m title 1998. He met most of his victims through and secretly recorded them on to his mobile phone.

He was sentenced to three years in prison by the Liverpool Crown Court after being found guilty of 11 counts of voyeurism. The offenses occurred between December 2011 and March 2015. He was a police officer with Lancashire Police.

The woman, who was not a part of the court case, said that she came forward to police and was also filmed having sex without her consent. 

“The police were great. They investigated him and looked through all the videos on his phone. They found evidence that he had been filming me while we were having sex, and taking photos when I wasn’t aware,” the woman stated.

“They told me about text messages in which he was ranting about how he couldn’t escape and was working late, and that he was actually out with other girls all the time.

“I showed him the whole relationship was a lie, and he’d lied so many times to me.”

Lobo met most his victims on dating site and secretly recorded them on his cell phone.

Although the woman claimed that she was considering charges, it was decided that Lobo had already been convicted for similar offenses and that a second case would not proceed. 

Today, she spoke out about how Lobo created a series of cover stories, while cheating with other ladies, and even had to travel overseas for work. 

The woman described his predatory behavior and said that he sometimes would take me out on my own in town, then suddenly he would reach for me.

“It was like he was always watching and could find anything.

She said that she wanted the public to hear about what happened to Sarah Everard, a marketing executive, following Wayne Couzens’ kidnapping, murder, and rape at the hands of a Met Diplomatic Protection officer.

“It was so horrible what happened to her, this was yet another person who should not have been in his situation.

Lobo was a British athletics champion who  only missed out on the 2000 Sydney Olympics due to injury 

‘I would never again date a copper. It’s not that I don’t think there are good policemen around – I just find it hard to trust the police or men at all.

“The judge [Lobo]He was a danger for women. It is sad to say that there are many people like him in all walks of society.

“It is scandalous that women feel unsafe walking alone home. This is something we are taught from an early age. 

“Boys in schools need to be taught how to respect women. At the moment they treat them as objects that can be abused.  

Lobo’s trial heard about how he was finally exposed after one of his victims discovered that he had been with a long-term partner during the relationship.

He had previously filmed her having sex with him, but he promised to delete it.

The woman thought the same could be true and made a police complaint.

Lobo, a Blackburn resident, was then taken into custody and his phones seized, which revealed the full extent to his crimes.

 ‘Some men still treat women as objects that they can abuse’

Ex-girlfriend of an abuser  

Judge Neil Flewitt, QC, told him that sentencing was underway.

‘After you made those recordings, you moved the files to a safe vault on your phone. In some cases, still images were created from those recordings and stored.

“I am completely satisfied that your motive for doing so was to satisfy my sexual gratification to create an archive of personalised pornography.

“That was a calculated, selfish conduct, without regard for the feelings and needs of the women involved.

The judge said that the level required to commit the offences was’staggering’ because Lobo was in an ongoing relationship with another woman and she didn’t know he was using a dating platform to meet others.

The judge stated that some of his victims fell in Love with the defendant, but the truth of his motives left many of his victims feeling ‘betrayed and worthless’.

He also said that he was certain the women were misled into believing he was a policeman.