Packet-in After finding a whole potato and NO crisps in a bag from Aldi, a woman is speechless.

  • Leah, a woman from Huddersfield (West Yorkshire), bought multi-packs of crisps from Aldi 
  • The 30-year-old claims that one packet contained nothing but a’soggy whole potato’ 
  • She was ‘freaked out by her experience’ when she touched something unexpectedly. 

After opening a packet purchased from a local supermarket, a woman who was looking for crisps for lunch was stunned to find one whole’soggy potato’.

Leah, 30, who lives in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, explained that she hadn’t noticed any unusual shape or weight when she bought a multi-pack of crisps from Aldi.

It wasn’t until she started to eat crisps as part her lunch at work that she realized one of her packets contained a single’soggy” potato.

She told the Metro about her shock, saying: “I opened it without looking at it to feel a smooth, cold ball. 

Leah, who lives in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, claims to have a whole potato (pictured) in a bag of crisps bought from her local Aldi store

Leah, from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, claims she has a whole potato (pictured) in a bag full of crisps purchased from her Aldi.

‘I was so shocked – not even realising it was a potato – and just completely freaked out at what I’d just touched. I only got one soggy crisp from it.

Leah said that she was between meetings when she ran into the kitchen to grab a packet of crisps and for her boyfriend.

She claimed that her boyfriend was in complete hysterics while he happily ate his entire packet of crisps. She was left with nothing, and wisely chose not to nibble on the surprise potato. 

The designer shared a photo of the potato in her crisp packet. It shows that the potato was slightly salted before being sealed and shipped to the grocery store.

Leah said nothing seemed unusual about the bag of crisps before she opened it to feel a 'smooth cold ball' (pictured)

Leah stated that nothing was unusual about the bag of crisps, but she opened it to feel a “smooth cold ball” (pictured).

It is unknown how the potato got into Leah’s crisp packet, which comes just days after Dr David Boyce, 38, a physics teacher at Uppingham School in Rutland, claimed to have found a whole potato in his bag of Kettle Chips.   

Posting on TwitterHe wrote, “My mind went completely numb.” I thought, at first glance, “How is that even possible?” Then I thought, “How is this even possible?”. But then I realized that this little guy was a champion. He was the potato that refused to be a crispy. 

Richard Bootman (25), also claimed that he had the exact same experience with Snackrite steak and onion crispys from Aldi.

Dr David Boyce, 38, a physics teacher at Uppingham School in Rutland, recently found a whole potato in a bag of Kettle Chips

Dr. David Boyce (38), a Rutland physics teacher, recently found a whole potato inside a bag of Kettle Chips. 

The architectural designer from Mildenhall, Suffolk, had opened his crisps to the amusement of his colleagues.

He joked to MailOnline saying: ‘We couldn’t believe it. They are likely to be purchased again, as the brand doesn’t bother my with crisps. I will however feel the contents of the package before I open them.

MailOnline reached out Aldi to provide comment.