Family criticizes Metropolitan Police for selling a “death trap” motorbike to barber, 21, who was killed in horror crash

  • Met Police are criticized by the family for selling a new motorbike to their son, who was later killed 
  • Marlon Vella (21), was killed in a terrible crash after losing control of his Yamaha bike.
  • He thought the bike was 124cc, but it was actually 249cc.

The family of a man who died in a horror crash have slammed the Metropolitan Police for selling a ‘death trap’ motorcycle, that had a souped-up engine. 

Marlon Vella (21), from Worcestershire lost control of his upgraded Yamaha motorbike after he drove around a bend at 55 mph. He then climbed onto a curb and crashed into the tree. An inquest was held on Monday.

Despite the fact that the motorcycle was 124cc in displacement, the engine had been upgraded to a 249cc motor, but Met officers didn’t notice this.  

After he purchased it at an auction by the Met Police, his father, Emmanuel, gifted the motorcycle to Mr Vella. 

Marlon Vella, 21, of Worcestershire, (Pictured) tragically lost his life in a fatal collision after his father bought him a motorbike at Metropolitan Police auction

Marlon Vella, 21 years old, of Worcestershire (Pictured), tragically lost his life in an accident. His father bought him a motorbike from Metropolitan Police auction. 

Despite paramedics’ desperate efforts to save him, Mr Vella was killed at the scene of the accident in Droitwich on April 27, last year. 

Officers seized the bike from the previous owner in March 2019, who was found without a license or insurance.

They sold the vehicle but didn’t inspect the bike to make sure it wasn’t hampered, Worcestershire Court heard.

Nicholas Lane, the Coroner, stated that the fact that Mr Vella didn’t know the power of his bike was a contributing factor in his death. This was an unfortunate case.

He stated, “It would appear that Mr Vella purchased the scooter.”

“The vehicle identification (VIN) that was recorded on the vehicle seized is identical with the one on your scooter.

Met Police did not record that the vehicle had a 249cc engine, but a 124cc.

‘The fact that the vehicle was changed didn’t appear to have been picked-up by anyone in the Met Police at the seizure process.

‘It is most unfortunate Marlon rode a 249cc Scooter when the logbook stated it should be a 144cc model.

Inquest heard that a blue-lit police car was responding to a separate call and was driving behind Mr Vella minutes prior to the fatal crash.

PC John Smart of West Mercia Police was the driver of the car. He told the hearing that he had driven the car into Primsland Way at high speed and saw Mr Vella riding the bike in front. It was ‘a bit blurred’ as it raced off.

He said, “I was shocked.” The bike must have been going at a certain speed as I was over the limit myself.

He stated that he came across the wreckage involving Mr Vella then and was asked by a coroner when it was obvious that it was serious.

PC Smart replied, “Probably from the beginning. PC Smart replied: ‘Probably from the start. The coroner asked.

PC Smart replied, “No sir,”

Coroner Lane reviewed the toxicology and pathology reports and stated that chest injuries were the medical cause of death.

He stated that Marlon was not experienced riding the 249cc model. It is possible that this reduced his ability to ride the bike at higher speeds around bends.

Coroner Lane gave a verdict of road accident on Monday.

According to the coroner, the bike’s incorrect classification would be brought up at the Police Chiefs Council.

After the hearing, a friend from Mr Vella’s extended family blasted his Met Police.

They claimed that the bike was a death trap, and that the police sold it to them without checking. The police would probably be arrested if a street person did this. Why isn’t police held responsible?

Marlon’s family strongly believes that he would still be alive today if he had not been riding a bike that was too powerful to handle.