A California middle school teacher was recorded telling students that Hunter Biden had sex with his niece and that hospitals are stealing babies from unvaccinated parents.

The recording, which was recorded on October 18, is seven minutes long. It features the unidentified female history teacher at Anacapa Middle School, Ventura, ranting at her eighth-grade class about subjects such as vaccines, government, child pornography and the presidency. There’s even an alleged case of incest by Hunter Biden, the son of President Biden. 

She is also reported to have told her students Donald Trump is still president. 

The educator can be heard in the clip saying that “people need wake up and see that the government has way to much power right now,” 

“Hunter Biden” is one example. He has deals with China, Ukraine, and all the places where he was illegally funneling money.

“He also had child pornography on his computer.” He was having sexual intercourses with his niece.

The educator, whose identity has not been released, told her eight grade class Hunter Biden engaged in incest with cousin, laundered money and was caught with child pornography

The educator, whose identity is not released, said Hunter Biden, Hunter’s eighth grade class, was incestuous with her cousin, laundered cash, and was caught with child pornography

During the tirade, the teacher also touched upon vaccines, suggesting that hospitals were secretly stealing unvaccinated babies.

“If you have a baby in hospital, they won’t give it back if it’s not vaccinated.” To the stunned pupils, the teacher declared that this was a complete power control threat.

Anacapa Middle School teacher also made comments on the US justice system, and the 2020 presidential elections. One teacher assistant can be heard suggesting to her colleague to not discuss the election. 

In a portion of the recording, the schoolteacher reportedly said to the class that Donald Trump was still president.   

Sarah Silikula, Sarah’s mother, recorded the disturbing comments. She had previously instructed her son, to pull out his smartphone and start videotaping if they ever feel uncomfortable in class. CBS 2 Los Angeles reported that her child was confused and ‘damaged’ by the impromptu lesson.

The concerning incident occurred two weeks ago at Anacapa Middle School in Ventura

The incident at Anacapa Middle School, Ventura, occurred two weeks ago

Sarah Silikula, the mother of the student who recorded the concerning comments, who had previously instructed her son to pull out his phone and start videotaping if he ever felt uncomfortable in class, told Los Angeles' CBS 2 that the impromptu lesson left her child confused and 'damaged'

Sarah Silikula, mother of the student who made the disturbing comments, said that her son had been instructed by her to take out her phone and record any uncomfortable comments in class. CBS 2 Los Angeles reported that her child was confused and ‘damaged’ by the impromptu lesson.

‘He first got into the car and said, ‘Dad teachers know everything,” Silikula told the outlet. She also added that her son was’very upset’. 

Silikula described how her son took in the comments of the teacher and became a staunch opponent of vaccines. He also offered his mother an unbiased view on the current political climate.

The boy said, “I’m not getting vaccinated,” before telling his mom, “I’m never receiving any more shots of any type.” Did you know that Trump is still president?

‘”She’s right, Dad. You are wrong.”  

Silikula also shared how her child was hurt by the comments of the history instructor, as the youth believes his teacher. 

‘He’s damaged. He’s hurt. He’s scared. He doesn’t trust his parents now. He believes we lied to Him,” Silikula stated about her son. 

“I mean, why?” Why is that necessary in this classroom full children? Silikula asked Silikula in the Tuesday interview. 

The teacher also touched on vaccines during the alarming tirade, suggesting that hospitals were secretly stealing babies from unvaccinated parents

During her alarming tirade the teacher also touched on vaccines, suggesting hospitals were secretly taking babies from parents who weren’t vaccinated.

Silikula, outraged by the contents and distress at her son’s recording, revealed that she had alerted the school the next day.

After speaking with staffers, Silikula revealed to DailyMail.com that the school’s principal, Mayra Vega Manriquez, subsequently begged the concerned mother not to speak with anyone else about the incident, and wait for the school to conduct an internal investigation, which Silikula was told would take two weeks.

Silikula said, “I trusted her to teach me the facts about history and she went on this rant as a preacher on top of a pulpit.”

DailyMail.com was informed by the mother that she was worried and upset that other parents of children in the classroom were not aware of the teacher’s political comments. This prompted her to take action when confronted with the contents of her son’s recording. 

I respect any political belief of anyone. It’s their belief,’ Silikula told DailyMail.com, before adding: ‘Don’t impose it on my child who I trusted in your care.’

Ventura Unified School District stated that they had conducted an investigation into the incident and that no charges were brought against the teacher.

The district did, however, tell CBSLA that they do not condone the discussion that took place, and said that they are following the ‘progressive discipline policy,’ citing an ongoing agreement with the teachers’ union, which would have the teacher in question notified of her wrongdoings and instructed on how to rectify her behavior in the classroom.

Silikula revealed Tuesday that the school’s superintendent told Silikula that her son was moved to a different class after the incident.

CBSLA was told by the angry parent that she wanted people to learn from the incident that teachers’ opinions – political or not – should not ever be taught in the classroom.

The unnamed history teacher, who was reportedly resigned Wednesday due to her contentious comments in class, is still employed at school.