Family Time and a Home Theater

With the price of a movie ticket going sky high, having a place to watch movies at home, with all the benefits of a theater, makes good sense. You need the right screen, TV, and door to shut out the noise. Your Dutch door works great in the kitchen, but for a home theater room, you might need a large sliding barn door to shut when the movie starts. 

Just think of gathering the family or friends together and having a great time watching the newest release. Make sure you have popcorn and the right candy too.

1. Make the home theater comfortable

It’s hard for people to relax in a boring place. This is especially true for children who are used to having fun and activity. To make a home theater a more fun place, think about the following suggestions. 

Make sure your room looks nice. This can be achieved by hanging some movie posters on the walls and making it look interesting. You can also add your style by painting the walls and adding new pillows to the couch or sofas. Make sure that you have enough vibrant colors in the room. Add recliners for the adults and bean bag chairs for the kids. Everyone will love it.

2. Make the home theater safe

There should be nothing in the room that can harm your children. If there is anything that you think could be harmful, remove it from the home theater. Make sure the cords you will use are tucked away safely and that nothing can fall over on small children.

3. Have an open-door policy

If you have a house full of people, it’s important to have an open-door policy for everyone. This means that everyone has the freedom to come and go as they please during movie time. If you want to put in a DVD, think about taking out the other things already in there first to avoid getting confused.

4. Plan some activities

If you have children, it’s helpful to plan some activities that could take place while they’re watching a movie. This can be anything from guessing which animal is next on the screen to having some crafts with them.

5. Add seating

Make sure that you have enough seating for all of your family members, especially if you have kids who like to move around a lot. To make sure that everyone feels comfortable, it’s best for there to be at least one extra seat for everyone in the house who doesn’t sit down during the movie.

6. Have some snacks and drinks available

If you have a lot of people over to watch a movie, it’s important to have enough food and drinks available. To make your home theater an enjoyable place for your family, think about the ideas above.

7. Be flexible what you watch and when you watch it

You and your family must be flexible in what you watch, especially when you watch it. If the kids have to go to bed early, it’s better to change the movie time and start it earlier.

8. Take breaks between activities

If you take breaks between activities, it can make the whole experience more enjoyable for your family. It’s a good idea to take a short walk in the yard, play a quick game, or do craft during the break.

9. Keep your kids active

Each time you watch a movie, it’s helpful to have your children get up and move around for a little bit. Depending on how active your family is and how much time you spend watching a movie, it’s up to you what kind of activities you plan for this.

10. Don’t cram a lot of stuff into one place

If you’re out to watch a movie in your home theater, think about how much stuff you want in the room at once. Don’t cram a lot of things into one place at once.

11. Make viewing easy

It’s hard for kids to watch a movie if they can’t see well enough. The size of your screen should be big enough for them to see the movie. Also, just like for adults, some people have different levels of vision, so make sure that you have a wide-screen TV and make everyone feel comfortable.

12. Turn off your lights

Make sure that you don’t leave any lights on while watching a movie in your home theater. Anyone outside the home theater will see through the windows if your lights are left on. This can be distracting and can ruin the mood of the night.

These are some of the ideas to make home theater an enjoyable place to be for your family. If you want your family to enjoy watching movies at home, it’s important to consider these suggestions.