This video shows a man who can spin a basketball on the most unlikely household items.

Anthony Lefley, 32-year-old from Essex can spin a basketball on any surface, including knives, mobile phones, and even the end of a spoon.

He has filmed a sequence with TikTok that shows his tricks. Many have been amazed at his abilities, as he can do it while eating cereal.

Anthony said, ‘I find skills and trick shots using a basketball almost therapeutic.

Anthony Lefley, 32, from Essex has become a TikTok sensation for turning normally mundane daily activities into opportunities for basketball-spinning tricks

Anthony Lefley (32), a TikTok sensation from Essex, has transformed ordinary daily activities into opportunities for basketball spin tricks.

“I always try and come up with cool content I think my followers on TikTok would enjoy to see.

“They can take hours to perfect, but once they are done it’s worth it to watch the finished videos.

“I will walk around my house or do something very mundane like shaving, and then I think, I wonder how I can spin the ball on the razor while I shave.

As if spinning a basketball on the tip of a biro was not difficult enough, Anthony does it all while gripping the pen between his teeth

Anthony spins a basketball with the tip of a pen while gripping the pen between both his teeth.

A kitchen knife is the base for a double-ball spin, as Anthony embraces an element of danger in this particularly mesmerising trick

Anthony uses a kitchen knife as the base for a double ball spin. This is a particularly captivating trick. 

“I also enjoy spinning the ball on a spoon while I eat, which I have gotten quite good at, but it took a lot more practice!

“I also once did an awesome video where I swung the ball on a banana while eating it, which was really cool.

Anthony spends at most 2 hours a days practicing his basketball skills.

He said, “It’s a great way for me to unwind after work or in my free time.”

“I believe any skill can still be learned, but it is important to have fun with what you are learning.

“Some videos I can now nail in one or two takes, but sometimes for the trick shots that are more difficult it can take me a lot longer to perfect.

Anthony began sharing his talents on TikTok shortly after the lockdown began. He has since amassed more than 200,000 followers.

The father-of-three uses not only his fingers but also his toes to keep four balls suspended in the air and spinning

Father-of-three uses his fingers and toes to spin four balls suspended in air by using his toes 

Stroking his chin pensively, Anthony appears to be writing a letter - while a basketball spins on the end of his pencil

Anthony is pensively stroking his chin, while a basketball spins on his pencil.

He said, “The lockdown was difficult for a lot people, but it was a good outlet to me to do something creative.”

“I bought a hoop to use in my garden and began posting regularly. Before long, I was gaining quite some traction once my videos started hitting the internet.

For You page.

“The love I get from the videos is amazing to see.”

Anthony can be seen in one of his videos spinning basketballs using pens in both hands and both feet.

He added, “That video was a real difficulty as you need the right amount power on your feet to be able…”

Also, you can incorporate your hands.

“A lot of these are also great workouts, as you do end with quite a sweat!”

Anthony was a great basketball player, but he only began to really enjoy the sport when he was finishing high school.

He stated that basketball was not as popular in the UK as it is in the USA.

“As I was leaving school to begin college at 16-17 years of age, I began to play it a bit more casually and this is when I learned to spin.

The fundamentals of the game and the ball.

“I came to realize that I was not going in the sport to make it in a professional capacity or make money from it, so the trick shots were an incredible way to keep it going.”

The 'spin ball wizard' even manages to light a match attached to the rotating ball, striking it against a phosphorus pad

The “spinball wizard” even managed light a match attached the rotating ball and struck it against a pad of phosphorus.

An incoming phone call is no reason for Anthony to stop his favourite hobby: he shows he can maintain a conversation on his mobile while spinning a ball on top of the phone

Anthony doesn’t have to answer an incoming call to stop his favorite hobby. He can talk on his mobile while spinning the ball on top of it. 

Anthony has a wife Kirsty Lefley and three children, Hugo (five years), Rory (three and Pippa (four months), who all support his skillful hobby.

He said, “My wife is the most supportive person I know and has never been too hard on me when a plate gets broken during a video.”

“My boys love to watch me spin the ball and are getting very invested in it.

“I think they will eventually learn a lot of these tricks and become far more skilled than me!

Anthony loves to hear from his followers about cool videos and projects that he could try in the future.

He stated, “I am always open to new ideas for trick shots and skills.

“It’s great that I keep pushing myself to do better and to perfect certain skills.

“There are many things I don’t know and may never master, but I will give my best effort to learn them all.”

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