Claire admitted the soup was flavoursome, but she said it could never compete with a Christmas meal

Claire acknowledged that the soup was delicious, but said it couldn’t compete with Christmas food. 

Heinz claims their soup is the perfect remedy for long cooking times. They promise to bring all the flavors of a well-executed Christmas Dinner in just one can. 

But how does it taste on the taste buds! Claire Toureille, FEMAIL journalist, puts the tin to a taste test!



It is difficult to imagine a tinned dinner comparing with a homemade Christmas dinner. The Heinz offer won’t replace your parents’ cooking anytime soon. 

The soup is delicious on its own. 

Although it looks bad, it tastes great. 

The soup is thick and brown in consistency and has lots of vegetables and meats. 

Heinz delivers as promised. The soup includes a generous amount turkey, vegetables, and two pigs in blankets. 

The soup is easy to prep,  and can be heated on the hob or in the microwave. 

The soup is rich in flavour and salty, with the exception of the turkey and Brussels sprout which are easily identifiable, the rest could be described as salty muSH and some ingredients are difficult to distinguish from others. 

Although the soup is a novelty dish, it doesn’t compare to a quintennial British Christmas meal. 

The soup is brown and thick in consistency, with lots of veggies, meat and sausages all thrown in together

The soup is thick in consistency and brown with lots of meat and vegetables.

The soup, pictured, is easy to prep, and can be heated on the hob or in the microwave. It has a big potatoes serving, plenty of veggies and some generous chunks of Turkey

The soup can be made in a few minutes and can be heated up on the stovetop or in the microwave. It features large servings of potatoes, plenty of vegetables, and chunks of turkey.