Man, 56, is charged with murdering 58-year-old woman who vanished from £850,000 Norwich farmhouse in 2018 but her body was never found

  • A 56-year old man was charged with murdering a woman 
  • Diane Douglas, 58 was reported missing ten day ago from her Colton home
  • Murder inquiry was launched after she disappeared from £850,000 farmhouse 

A man has been charged on suspicion of murder after a 58-year-old woman disappeared from her £850,000 Norwich farmhouse.

Diane Douglas, age 58, is missing from Colton, Connecticut. She was reported missing by her family from her quiet village home on October 21.

Police claimed it was a no body murder’ investigation. On Saturday evening, a 56 year-old man was arrested under suspicion of murder. It is believed that he is related to Diane.

After unsuccessful attempts to reach her, her family contacted the police. Police believe that she may have been hurt and have opened an investigation into her murder, even though her body is not yet found.

A man has been charged on suspicion of murder after Diane Douglas, 58, (Pictured) disappeared from her £850,000 Norwich farmhouse ten days ago

A man has been charged on suspicion of murder after Diane Douglas, 58, (Pictured) disappeared from her £850,000 Norwich farmhouse ten days ago

Police stated that it was a no body murder’ investigation. A man she knew, was detained in Wales on Saturday evening.   

Det Insp Matthew Connick stated: “Although we hope that Diane is still alive, we believe it highly likely she has come to harm since she hasn’t seen her for a significant amount of time. We have therefore initiated a murder investigation.”  

Officers were searching for evidence at Meadow Farm, near Norwich, Norfolk, where she resides, while she was being questioned by police.

Officers are also present at the gate of the property with three bedrooms. They are located on a track about 400 yards from the village’s outskirts. 

Villagers claimed that the farmhouse overlooking a field with redpoll cattle was rented for about ten years.

It is unknown how long Ms. Douglas had lived at this address, or when she was last seen.

A dog walker who was walking along a nearby footpath stated that the farmhouse was once the home of a retired RAF Officer, but it has been rented ever since he moved away.

“It is quite remote and isolated from the rest of the village. It is difficult to see if someone is home because of the high hedges.

The farmland surrounding the house is said be rented to local farmers who raise cattle.

According to a Norfolk Police statement, the family notified police after repeated attempts to contact her failed.

Since then, officers have made numerous inquiries to locate her. However detectives from Norfolk and Suffolk Major Investigation Team have declared the case a no body’ murder investigation.

“A 56-year-old male was arrested in Wales on Saturday night on suspicion of murdering his wife and is being brought back from Norfolk for questioning. Both were familiar with each other. 

Anyone with information should call Norfolk Police at 101, quoting Operation Entity.