This is not a woman to be messed with! Female Muaytha expert puts passenger in chokehold ‘after being sexually harassed by him’ on a Brazilian bus

  • After accusing him of sexually harassing his wife, a Martial Artist put him in a chokehold
  • She had been traveling back from the gym since October 20.
  • The man was also accused of rubbing her and unzipping his trousers.

After he was accused of sexually harassing a woman, a Brazilian martial artist placed a man in a chokehold while he was riding on a bus.

The woman was on her way home from the gym in Belem on October 20th when she was allegedly harassed.

Another passenger on board the bus captured video footage showing the alleged victim who practices Muay Thai as well as capoeira, putting him in a rear chokehold.

A martial artist put a man in a choke hold while riding on a busy bus in Brazil on October 20 after he allegedly used a busy bus as cover to rub his genitals on her

A Brazilian martial artist used a bus to cover his genitals and put a man in choke hold on October 20.

The woman asked the bus driver to stop the vehicle at the next police station so that she could report the alleged incident

The woman requested that the bus driver stop the vehicle at the next station of police so that she could report the incident.

You can see her grasping the man’s neck from behind, and then slowly lowering the man to the bus floor.   

According to a police report, the man had allegedly tried to take advantage of the busy bus to rub his genitals against the woman from behind.

According to the report, he allegedly even unzipped one of his trousers while committing this act.

According to O Liberal, the woman hit him in his nose before immobilizing him with a rear chokehold.

She asked the driver to stop at the nearest police station to report the incident.

The man in question has been identified by police and they are currently investigating the case.

Video footage recorded by another passenger on the bus showed the victim, who practises Muay Thai and capoeira, placing the man in a rear naked chokehold

The woman turned the man around, while maintaining the chokehold

Another passenger on the bus recorded video footage of the victim who practices Muay Thai, capoeira and placed him in a rear naked chokehold

While maintaining the chokehold, the woman began lowering the man onto the floor to keep him in place

The woman held the chokehold and began to lower the man onto the ground.

The victim later complained about the reactions of her fellow passengers, saying that “Nobody does anything for me.” Today, people prefer filming to helping.

She shared that she had a similar experience on a bus last summer, prompting her punch the suspect.

According to O Liberal, it was her love for sports that led her to combat sports. However, she stated that Muay Thai and capoeira were her choices for self-defense.

In Brazil, the sentence for sexual harassment is between one to five years.

If the suspect uses violence against the victim or threatens them with violence, they can be charged for rape.