Two fishmongers who look very similar have been in a bitter dispute over words. The older shop accused its rival of copying it.

Fish Universe has opened in Tooting (south west London) and is now competing with Fish World.

It claims it is trying to pass itself off as their nearly 20-year-old business and accused them of copying staff uniforms, sparking customer confusion.

Fish Universe employed blue suits that had the name of the company and number.

Fish World is now using the exact same uniform and fonts for all their employees, as it opened just last month.

The company insists that it did nothing wrong, and they sell different Jamaican and African seafood. Their blue outfits only match their water colour.

Fuming Fish Universe decided to switch all the uniforms of its staff to red in order to eliminate any confusion.

This unusual row attracted many comments from community groups that saw the notice in the shop window.

One laughed, saying: “I don’t believe that they opened next to my house.” There were many shellfish.

Another comment added more puns and declared: “They probably love that plaice with both their heart AND sole.” The smell is a bit strange, as all of the shops are in the same color roe.

To make matters worse, warring businesses Fish Universe and Fish World are neighbours

Fish Universe and Fish World, two rival businesses in the fish industry, are neighbors.

Fish Universe owner Rafa Kashefi, 34, says his neighbours have copied his food business

Rafa Kashefi (34), owner of Fish Universe, claims that his neighbors have copied his food company.

But Fish Word's Shaqib Hakim, 48, says his shop has done nothing wrong and is not a copy

Shaqib Hakim (48) from Fish Word says that his shop isn’t a duplicate and has done no wrong.

Fish Universe has gone to the lengths to putting a disclaimer in its window against Fish World

Fish Universe went to great lengths to put a disclaimer against Fish World in their window.

Rafa Kashefi (34) told MailOnline, “We’ve had 60 customers calling to ask what happened.” Each day, we receive calls from customers asking what happened.

“Next door” was a former meat shop, until the owners decided to sell fish one month ago.

“This is the family enterprise. When the Walthamstow branch was first opened, my cousin opened it. Fulham opened the second one.

“We have additional branches in Sutton and Camden, Croydon Croydon Penge, Hounslow, Croydon Croydon, Penge, Penge, Croydon, Penge, and Croydon.  They copied our design – they used the same lighting in their displays as we did and set up the displays the same way.

“We had to replace all of our employees’ uniforms with red, as they had copied the blue we used for seven year. Other branches throughout London still use the same blue uniforms. However, we had to replace ours.

“We really work hard to attract customers, but they’ve just created confusion.” ’Some of our customers wonder if they are an extension of us because they are wearing our old uniform and everything is so similar.

’We have even had a couple of complaints about fish from there and had to say it was from next door. We are cheaper than them, we sell ten sea bass for £10 but they only sell seven sea bass for the same price.

“We love our business and are proud to serve such wonderful customers. We opened our shop in an area that was not well-known. We started from scratch, initially didn’t make much money but pulled long days and worked really hard to build the business into what it is now.

Fish Universe claims Fish World copied these blue uniforms, but the rival denies wrongdoing

Fish Universe asserts that Fish World copied these uniforms in blue, but their rival refutes this claim.

Fish Universe says it has been in business for nearly 20 years but claims it suffers from rival

Fish Universe states it’s been in business nearly twenty years. However, it claims its competitors are more successful.

Fish World says it is not trying to mimic its neighbours and says it is a completely different firm

Fish World insists it doesn’t want to be like its neighboring businesses and claims that it is an entirely different company

“In 2015, we were challenged by one company but they shut down six months later. They weren’t next to us. ’They had complaints from the council and the place was a stink. Fish World has copied us, and this is what makes it different.

’The notice we have outside helps us. Many people have seen it, and shared it via social media for others to see about Fish World.

A sign was posted next to the front doors advising punters that they were a different business from their neighbours.

“Fish Universe” is an important customer announcement that states: “Fish Universe does not endorse, promote or support Fish World.

We are not liable in any way for special, indirect, consequential, or other damages arising from the Fish World product or service.

“We are extremely qualified fishmongers. We are passionate about fish.

With the aim of providing the highest quality and freshest fish for our Tooting customers, ‘Fish Universe’ opened its doors December 2014. 

“We are true to our core values and ensure that every product we sell has the best possible quality.

The two companies are in Tooting, South West London, and both feature blue branding

Both companies are located in Tooting (South West London) and feature blue branding

Fish Universe received a letter from Wandsworth Council over a flytipped fridge

Fish Universe was sent a Wandsworth Council letter regarding a flytipped refrigerator

Fish Universe claims Fish World flytipped the fridge, but it denies any wrongdoing over it

Fish Universe says Fish World flies over the refrigerator, but Fish Universe denies that Fish World did anything wrong.

Fish World cannot be held responsible for any losses that may result from using a Fish World product, or service.

We are not responsible for incorrect or incomplete information provided to us (by Fish World).

They also say they were fined £400 by the council after they believe Fish World dumped a freezer on the street, but town hall bosses thought it belonged to Fish Universe.

They claimed that the council did not take any other action against Fish World.

Shaqib Hakim (48), who manages Fish World, told MailOnline that his company had done nothing wrong.

 He added: ‘We are a different company with a different landlord.

“We use different suppliers, and most of our fish comes from Jamaican or African countries because that is what people desire. They won’t do this. 

“Our layout is unique and we’re trying to make it different.” We aren’t copying their designs, but they think so. They aren’t doing anything illegal.

“We are Blue because of the association with blue, which is why most fish shops are either blue or yellow. Universe and World do not refer to the same thing.

I don’t need to “rebutt or address” them. Everyone has their business. Each company has a different layout and different suppliers.

“We want to increase our business, because we have a lot of customers who are interested in what we do. We also sell meat and groceries as well which they don’t.

‘Everyone has their own responsibilities and if the freezer belonged to us then we will answer for it and if we don’t, we won’t. Our business is not copied.

However, at least one Fish Universe customer was confused today by their similar appearances.

The man declined to name but said, “It’s wrong.” It was our belief that they would be an extension to the existing shop. But it’s not. This is quite shocking.

Mr Kashefi is hoping that any confusion will be cleared up once and for all by the shop window disclaimer.

He said, “If we don’t get customers, we might not be able pay wages to staff and that could have an impact on our business.”

‘We are worried about losing customers and don’t want to lose any. It is extremely stressful.

It is bad for their reputation to do wrong, and then we get blamed.