The ball is yours! German Shepherd can’t work out why two-month-old baby won’t play fetch with him

  • Brantley Kokal was captured by Casey, Brantley’s mother who is from Ohio and has been married to Matt
  • The video shows Brody, a five-year-old dog, waiting to play fetch with Brantley
  • The footage was posted on TikTok and has been viewed more than 6.4 million times.

It’s the sweet moment that a German Shepherd is unable to understand why a baby two months old won’t play fetch.

Brantley’s mom Casey (from Ohio) captured the video. She has over 6.4million views, 1.2million likes, and is married to Matt.

This video features Brody, the five-year old dog that the family has had since he was puppy. He is waiting for the baby, who is two months old, to fetch. 

This is the cute moment a German Shepherd can't work out why a two-month-old baby won't play fetch with him in Ohio

It’s the cutest moment that a German shepherd can’t understand why an Ohio baby of two months won’t play fetch in Ohio.

Casey exclaims to her dog: “Brody! We’re done with this.” Brantley is not old enough to throw the football.

But Brody sits passionately in front of Brantley waiting for him to pick up the ball at his feet and throw it.  

Casey, laughing at her dog adds “Are we waiting for him to pitch the ball?” He’s just too young. 

Brody now turns his attention towards Casey and gives her a pat.  

The footage was captured by Brantley Kokal's (above) mother Casey, who is married to Matt, and has 6.4million views and 1.2million likes

Brantley Kokal, Matt’s mom Casey (above), captured the footage. The video has been viewed 6.4 million times and liked 1.2million times.

The video shows Brody, a five-year-old dog which the family have had since he was a puppy, waiting to play fetch with the two-month-old baby

But Brody sits passionately in front of Brantley waiting for him to pick up the ball at his feet and throw it

Video of Brody (pictured), an old five-year-old puppy that his family adopted, waiting for him to play fetch.

A user commented on the video on September 30: “Him: Mom, I don’t want any excuses.” You want to see results.

One other said, “He has to build them muscle!”

One commentator said: “Hey, damn! What can it do?” 

Casey posts videos on TikTok of what her family gets up to, including taking Brody to get a puppuccino and the German Shepherd begging for attention while husband Matt is on the phone. 

Brody isn’t the only German Shepherd seeking attention from its owner in the US. 

Denver was six-years-old and clearly believed that he was still a puppy. He climbed in a small crate designed for puppies 10 weeks old.

This video was filmed in Nashville, Michigan by his owner on April 10. It shows how the dog, with its bushy tail, leads by example, and stuffs himself into the carrier.

The dog owner can also be seen laughing as Denver obeys her instructions for younger dogs. He is left without his front paws and head out of the carrier. 

Denver completely ignores the larger dog carrier in his lap and opts for the puppy-sized cage.

Six-year-old German Shepherd Denver climbs into the tiny crate in the trunk of his owner's car that had been meant for a 10-week-old pup, in Nashville, Michigan, on April 10

Denver, six year-old German Shepherd puppy, climbs into the trunk of his car, which was intended for him as a 10-week-old dog. He did this in Nashville (Michigan) on April 10, 2010.