A flight attendant tells us the five things that she has learned to avoid on planes after many years. They range from getting to know the person in front of you, to having a good time with them and even enjoying a cup of coffee.

  • Kat Kamalani is a former flight attendant and has five top tips for flying.
  • A busy mother from Hawaii who worked for six years in aviation has many tips to share with passengers about things you shouldn’t do while on an airplane.  
  • She advises people not to drink hot water and to talk to strangers around them  

Ex-flight attendant reveals why she doesn’t take her snacks with her on flights and refuses coffee or tea while traveling.

Kat Kamalani (Hawaii) took to TikTok for the five things she would never do on a flight after six years of experience in the aviation industry.

Her number one goal is never to board a plane without packing snacks.

She stated, “You don’t know what will happen, but you never know.”

Kat Kamalani, from Hawaii, took to TikTok to reveal the five things she will never get caught out doing during a flight - after working in the industry for six years

She often suggests her followers avoid drinking hot water from the plane

Kat Kamalani (a former flight attendant) from Hawaii took to TikTok and revealed the five things that she won’t do during a flight. After six years in the industry, the information was shared by the TikTok team.

Kat now lives in Hawaii - where she looks after her daughter and posts content to TikTok

Kat now resides in Hawaii. She looks after her daughter, and updates TikTok with content.

Also, she said that hot water was not allowed on planes. This means that tea and coffee will be out.

“The water tanks in these buildings are not cleaned,” she said. It is disgusting,” she stated.

‘The kettles are cleaned in between flights but the whole (coffee) machines are never cleaned… and they’re by the lavatories,’ she added. 

This has been backed up by the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center at the City University of New York who did a study on the ‘drinkability’ of airplane water.

According to the study, seven out of ten airlines did not have high-quality water. It was recommended that passengers only drink water from sealed containers during flight.

An airline maintenance worker reacted to this notion, and slammed the hostess.

He said, “Just because the tank isn’t cleaned doesn’t mean it’s not done,” he added. 

Kat lists the third and most important thing. The Hawaii native insists that passengers must abide by the instructions of flight attendants. 

In case of emergency, she searches for alternative airports or hotels before she leaves on her trip.

Former hostess writes about her family and exotic fruits, as well as videos and information on well-being and health.

Ten Rules to Follow When Traveling by Plane:

1. Wear shoes when you travel by plane

2. Hot water is not recommended for consumption.

3. Always take a blanket

4. Always keep a second set of clothes on hand

5. Never forget to look for airports near you 

6. Always keep plenty of snacks on hand

7. Take a face wash

8. Respect your flight attendant 

9. Make sure to pack your toothpaste

10. Never tell seat buddies details

Her travel videos are what go viral most and generate the most conversation in the comments.

Another flight crew member added their personal musts and cannots to the video.

A woman shared that she always brings her own blanket, as it can freeze on the outside. 

One woman stated that she always carries her toothbrush and toothpaste, along with face wipes and bottom wipes.

Her most popular content focuses on her six years in the sky as a flight attendant

The most loved content is about her six-years as an air traffic controller. 

She also recommends not getting too chatty with your neighbours mid-flight

Divulging too much information can be dangerous

It is important to not get too friendly with neighbours during a flight. 

Some people said that they prefer to bring a change, even underwear with them in carry-on luggage.

Another said, “I buy food from restaurants every time I fly…I smell the food of everyone around me because the entire plane smells it.”

One woman stated that it makes her cringe when passengers walk on the plane’s runways with no shoes.