Footage appears show West Ham and Tottenham supporters fighting at the London Stadium after the DOOR separating them was left unlocked. This led, apparently, to violent clashes during the Premier League clash

  • Tottenham and West Ham fans violently clashed during their Premier League derby 
  • Spurs fans broke through the unlocked door that separated two sets of supporters
  • Tottenham supporters attempted to force their way through the doors.
  • West Ham fans met them. While stewards arrived at the scene, punches were thrown
  • Plastic cups of beer were handed through the London Stadium’s doors.  

Tottenham and West Ham supporters clashed violently on the stadium concourse during the London derby on Sunday. Spurs fans managed a break through the barrier that separated them. 

One Tottenham supporter managed to get past four stewards at the London Stadium and break down the barrier. 

Both sides of the door had their own barriers to keep fans from getting to each other. However, supporters on both sides threw punches at each other while plastic cups of beer were also thrown between the doors.

West Ham and Tottenham fans clashed on Sunday after Spurs supporters broke through a door separating the two groups

Tottenham and West Ham fans clashed after Spurs supporters broke through the door that separated them.

After Tottenham fans broke down the door, West Ham fans tried to fight Spurs fans who were trying to get through the doorway

Tottenham fans forced the door open by West Ham fans.

It is believed that the incident occurred at half-time of Sunday afternoon’s match at 2.45pm. 

After Tottenham fans had broken down the door the first time, several Spurs fans tried to open the door to fight Hammers fans on the other side. 

Tottenham fans were heard singing ‘No noise from the p**** boys’ throughout the incident, while West Ham fans were chanting ‘Irons. Irons as they faced the possibility of facing Spurs fans Sunday afternoon. 

West Ham was 1-0 winners thanks to Michail Anton’s late winner. With 18 minutes left, the Hammers star scored from a corner. 

One Tottenham fan managed to evade four stewards stood by the door and kick it down, before more Spurs supporters joined in to take on West Ham fans

One Tottenham fan managed not to get past four stewards who stood at the door, and kicked it down. Several other Spurs supporters joined in the fight against West Ham fans.

Stewards managed to come back and form a barrier in between the two sets of supporters

The Stewards were able to return and create a barrier between the two sets. 

Plastic cups of beer were thrown by both sets of supporters when the doorway was being forced open

Both sets of supporters threw beer cups into the doorway when it was being forced open.

These rival clubs are fierce in the Premier League. Spurs and Hammers fans have a long history with violence during top flight matches. 

In November 2015, a 35-year-old West Ham supporter was left hospitalised after being stabbed in the stomach, hundreds of fans from either club had to be restrained by police on horseback before kick off at Tottenham’s White Hart Lane ground.

According to a bystander at the time, a large contingent of West Ham supporters were being shepherded by police into the ground when a group of ‘half a dozen’ attempted to break away and punched a Tottenham fan walking by. 

Two Tottenham supporters sat in West Ham’s London Stadium home side were ejected and attacked after they were escorted from the ground.

As they were walking down a flight stairs, they were subjected to verbal abuse by one supporter who threw an alcoholic drink in their direction. Video footage shows them being hit with punches as they continue to walk. Then, stewards finally managed get them out of the stands.