One man believes that having washboard abs is unacceptable. He claims his urine has helped him maintain a svelte physique into his forties.

Troy Casey (55), from Arixona has been using his urine to clean his skin and drinking it for seventeen years. He’s done fasts of up to seven weeks and used aged urine enemas inside his rectum.

For his slim figure, he credits daily exercise with his body’s ability to ingest pee.

Troy, who worked for Versace as a model before becoming a life coach and healer, says that urine therapy is an ancient practice. The amino acids and stem cells in your own urine are rich.

Troy Casey, 55, showing off his incredible physique which he credits to drinking his own urine every day

Troy Casey (55), showing off his amazing physique, which he attributes to his daily intake of urine

The author drinks his own urine daily and he believes it helps him stay fit and healthy and maintain a six pack

Author drinks his own urine each day. He believes this helps him to stay healthy and fit.

Troy Casey as a much younger man back in his modelling days when he was working for top fashion brands like Versace

Troy Casey was a younger man when he worked for Versace and other top fashion labels back in his modeling days.

The urine lover also goes to the gym regularly to build muscle after his unique urine therapy practice

After his special urine therapy, the urine enthusiast also regularly goes to the gym to gain muscle.

After living an unhealthy lifestyle in New York, the former model decided he wanted to get in shape

The former model, who had a bad lifestyle in New York City, decided to change his ways.

“I drink my urine each morning. I call it hair-of the dog!” This feeling is intense.

“Applying age urine is the fountain to youth. I have found my stomach flattening by using aged urine.

“I am fifty-five and many people do not look or feel the same as I do when they are my age. It’s not hard to see that I look ripped. This is due to my love for natural healing and being very healthy.

‘People should be scared if they’re eating sh***y food and doing pharmaceutical drugs. They shouldn’t be afraid to test their urine.

The 55-year-old attributes a healthy diet and gym routine to helping his urine therapy work properly

To help his urine therapy function properly, the 55-year-old credits a healthy diet and regular exercise to this lifestyle.

Troy's regime includes doing week-long urine fasts, putting aged urine enemas in his rectum and applying his own wee topically

Troy’s regime includes doing week-long urine fasts, putting aged urine enemas in his rectum and applying his own wee topically

After his friend claimed to beat cancer with the help of urine therapy, Troy began exploring other ways to ingest his own pee

Troy was inspired by a friend who claimed that he had beat cancer through urine therapy. He began looking for other methods to get his own pee.

Troy, who has penned a book on the health secrets behind his good looks—Ripped at 50: A Journey to Self Love—says he wasn’t always so healthy.

His explanation? “When I began modeling in my twenties I was living the highlife, drinking in New York, London, and Milan and didn’t take care of myself. It led to me gaining weight, and holding on to extra water.

“Sometimes I would feel so heavy that casting agents would advise me not to attend Vogue or Armani shootings. This began to affect my daily life, so I started reading nutrition information and practicing things like fasting, herbal medicine and real food.

“Soon I noticed that I was seeing improvement in my health when I looked in the mirror. I fell in love with ancient and natural healing methods, and began to understand my own health.

, the former modelalong with hydration, nutrition and sleep.'

The former model not only encourages the consumption of urine each morning but also promotes nutrition, hydration and sleep.

The electricity troy felt from first drinking his urine was immediate and subtle and he describes feeling a cool buzz

He described feeling an immediate, subtle electricity troy after he drank his first urine.

When Troy  started getting results when he looked in the mirror he became hooked to learning about natural and ancient healing methods

When Troy  started getting results when he looked in the mirror he became hooked to learning about natural and ancient healing methods

Troy says that in 2004, Troy became interested in urine therapy (also known as “Shivambu” in Ayurvedic medicine). It was during long car rides that Troy first tried to drink his own wee. He found the sensation of drinking his urine ‘electrical’.

Troy states, “I read about the advantages of urine therapy in Ayurvedic medicine ancients and it resonated with me.”

‘The first time I tested my urine for myself, it was while driving to San Francisco from Los Angeles. The drive is five hours long. It was a long drive and I did not want to stop for a leak. I purged in a cup, and I enjoyed it. My urine was not as harmful as the mental barrier I had in my head, so it was okay to drink.

“The electric current was so subtle and immediate that I felt an instant buzz. The sensation was intuitive and just good. It was a long time before I realized that it felt good.

Troy believes aged urine enemas to be powerful for your health and says he got his six pack abs after doing them

Troy considers aged urine enemas powerful for your health. He says that he gained his six-pack abs by doing them.

Troy during cryotherapy. The former model say people are impressed by his physique and energy at his age

Troy in cryotherapy. According to the former model, people love his body and his youthful energy.

Troy - who has over 120,000 followers on Instagram - says he could easily survive and thrive on urine if it came to it

Troy, who is a popular Instagram user with over 120,000 followers, says that he can survive on urine alone if it comes to him.

Troy in an icy bath, part of his health regime which also includes drinking his own urine every day

Troy taking an icy bath as part of his daily health regimen, which includes drinking his urine each day.


According to some sources, urine therapy dates back to the Bible. It is believed that Aztecs used it to disinfect wounds. The benefits of the treatment are mentioned in Indian literature and Chinese literature.

Madonna and other celebrities are fans of ‘urotherapy,’ a term to describe the process of drinking your own urine. 

John W. Armstrong (a British Naturopath) published in 1945 a book that claimed drinking urine could heal all major diseases. However, there are no scientific evidence to support this claim.  

The 95% water content of urine is very sterile. It also contains 5 percent nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins. The liver removes toxins during digestion.

Next, blood goes to the kidneys. There it is again filtered and any extraneous parts are taken in a sterilized solution. This is passed on as urine.

The Mail was informed by Dr Rob Hicks, a GP: “Over the years many people claimed that they had benefited from their urine. However, as far as my knowledge goes there’s no evidence supporting these claims.

“The kidneys act as a filter system that gets rid of wastes from the body. It seems counterproductive to try and put these back in the body.

“Personally I think there are better and more tasty ways to maintain a healthy body, such as not smoking and eating healthy food. It is also important that stress be controlled. 

Aisling, a British Dietetic Association spokesperson and dietician, said that urine is full of toxins, which can cause illness and damage to the body.   


Troy was shocked to learn that his friend had successfully beat cancer using urine therapy. He began to explore other methods to get his pee. Troy did week-long fasts and used aged urine enemas to put in his rectum.

Troy believes the amazing benefits it brought to his body, skin and health were remarkable.

He remembered: “My friend Shivambu, who had beat testicular carcinoma with Shivambu, challenged me to do a 7-day fast in which I just drank my urine and looped it for one week.”

“From there I entered aged urine enemas, where I would grow my own urine for 2 weeks and then ferment it in sealed mason jars until I transferred into my rectum.

Troy, who has penned a book on the health secrets behind his good looks¿ Ripped at 50: A Journey to Self Love ¿says he wasn't always so healthy

Troy, who has penned a book on the health secrets behind his good looks— Ripped at 50: A Journey to Self Love —says he wasn’t always so healthy

by bad dietsif they're eating sh***y food and doing pharmaceutical drugs. Why should they be scared to try their own urine?'

According to the health-follower, people shouldn’t be afraid of bad diets or taking pharmaceutical drugs. He also asks why anybody would want to test their urine.

Troy says he became interested in urine therapy - also known as 'Shivambu' in Ayurvedic medicine - in 2004

Troy states that in 2004, Troy became interested in Urine Therapy, which is also known as Shivambu (in Ayurvedic medicine).

He first drank his own pee when he couldn't be bothered to stop for a toilet trip during a long car journey and the feeling of tasting his wee was 'electric'. Pictured: meditating

It was during long car rides that he could not stop to use the bathroom. He first tried drinking his own wee. Image: Meditation

I have six packs after having done aged urine enemas. This flushed my system and that was when I started to get really lean.

“I tried topical age urine, and the effects it had on my mood and muscle-building was incredible. It’s electrifying, strengthening and I use it when I go to the beach.

“It is a huge psychological leap to allow people to use their urine for moisturiser, but it’s so euphoric. High-end skincare products use uric acid.

Troy, who boasts over 120,000 Instagram followers, said he could survive and thrive off urine.

Troy thinks that if the apocalypse ever happens and we don't have access to water, he'll be fine as he has his own 'water' to drink

Troy is convinced that, even though the end of time will come and water runs out everywhere in the world, Troy would be just fine with his own water.

Troy believes it's a big psychological leap for people to use their own urine as a moisturiser but thinks it's so euphoric and anti-aging

Troy thinks that it is a huge psychological leap to allow people to make their urine into a moisturizer, but he believes it’s an euphoric step and anti-aging.

Troy puts urine on his skin especially when I'm on the beach and describes it as electrifying and strengthening

Troy applies urine to his skin, especially on the beaches. He describes it as “electrifying” and “energizing.”

He explained that he drinks urine every morning for his health. This is my main source of hydration and nutrition. It also helps me to sleep well.

If the Apocalypse happens, and there’s no access to water again, then I have my urine. I have my own water! This works and I’ve survived with my own urine before.

“I’m fifty five years old, and my energy, vitality, health, and skin are all good. I am admired by the energy and my body at this age.

What so many pharmaceutical corporations don’t want you to know is that humans, not drugs, are the key to our health. This is what I strive to convey in all I do.