You are a wrapped puppy! Toffee, a naughty cockapoo, tries to help his owner wrap Christmas gifts by eating the wrapping paper and taking sticky tape.

  • Mia Constantinou, Northern Ireland’s Dervock posted video footage of her dog 
  • Mia was wrapping Christmas gifts when Toffee, the cockapoo, interrupted her
  • Over 1.7 Million people watched the video featuring her 12-week old pet  

Toffee, the Cockapoo interrupts her owner as she wraps Christmas gifts on her bed. 

This video shows the dog’s mischief making. It was uploaded to TikTok from Mia Constantinou, Dervock, County Antrim. 

This 24-second video shows Mia trying to wrap Christmas gifts.

Mia Constantinou from Dervock in County Antrim, Northern Ireland was trying to wrap Christmas presents when she was interrupted by her 12-week-old puppy Toffee

Mia Constantinou of Dervock, County Antrim in Northern Ireland tried to wrap Christmas presents. But Toffee 12-week-old pup interrupted her.

Mia said it was very difficult to wrap up presents with a young puppy in the room

Mia stated that it was difficult for her to wrap presents when there were puppies in the house.

Mia was trying to use sticky tape which Toffee kept trying to steal, pictured

Mia attempted to use sticky tap which Toffee tried to steal. 

Mia claims that the video was taken on December 18, with Toffee, her 12-week-old cockapoo. 

Due to the dog’s constant interference, she said that she could only wrap one gift before having to stop. 

Mia stated that she found it funny how hard it was for her to accomplish small tasks while trying to keep herself busy.

“It was difficult!”

This clip was viewed more than 1.7 million times. Mia stated that it is hard to prepare for holiday season when you have a small dog.

Toffee sits on the lap of her owner at one point.

Mia tries to adhere some wrapping paper together but Toffee snatchs the selotape.

The dog then rips at the corners of the present, before the owner can get it to stay put.

Toffee then tries to get away with more stick tape, before tugging at Mia’s ponytail by its paws.

Nearly 3,000 people left comments after liking video by more than 25% of a million. 

Toffee the cockapoo tried to chew the corner of the wrapping paper before Mia could complete her task

Mia was unable to complete the task because Toffee, the cockapoo, tried to chew the corner from the wrapper before she could.

Katylee Bailey stated, “This is the cutest thing that I have ever seen.”

Holly Page commented, “This was the sweetest thing that I have ever witnessed.”

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Carly, a fellow dog owner said: “It doesn’t get any easier. Believe me.

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