Following a spate of horrendous PIRANHA attack in Paraguay, 4 people have been found dead.

  • From the River Paraguay, the remains of two recent swimmers were discovered
  • After suffering a heart attack, it is believed that the fish attacked one of its victims.
  • Another two people died from piranha bites after being found in Tebicuary River.  

In a series of brutal attacks, four swimmers have been mauled and killed by piranhas. This has caused shockwaves across South America.

Paraguay witnessed the attack. Paraguayans had visited nearby rivers during heatwaves to cool themselves down.

On Sunday, a 22 year-old male was washing in the Paraguay River when the first New Year’s Day death occurred. 

When he vanished suddenly, the alarm went off. His body was finally found by his family 45 minutes later. Many of its parts were torn away and then eaten and eaten in the meantime.

A 22-year-old man swimming in the waters of the Paraguay River with friends vanished on Sunday and was later found dead with severe piranha bites

On Sunday, a 22-year old man was swimming with his friends in the Paraguay River waters. He later died from severe piranha bites.

Paraguay River was also attacked again by Piranhas. A 49-year old man was killed in the attack.

The man had already been reported missing several hours before, and was found also with serious bites on his face. It is thought that the man suffered a cardiac arrest and was then attacked by the Piranhas.

Paraguay River can be found in Ita Enramada neighborhood, which is just south of Asuncion.

Another two people died from piranha bites in Tebicuary River on Sunday.

Additional attacks have occurred on the Parana River, at the Bella Vista Fishing Club. Although not fatal, they caused severe injuries. 

These attacks are similar to other recent incidents in Argentina, which included a teenager who was bit by her toes. 

Local TV reports showed images of medics treating wounds sustained by the bathers to their hands and feet. This victim was lucky not to lose a toe

 Local TV reports showed images of medics treating wounds sustained by the bathers to their hands and feet. Lucky for this victim, he didn’t lose his toe

This individual had a chunk bitten out of one of their fingers by the piranhas during the attack

One of the attackers had taken a piece of this individual’s hand during an attack by the Piranhas

These attacks usually occur in the heat according to local media. These attacks are most common in summer, when fish are reproducing and are closer to the coast than when there is low water.

Julio Caply, an Argentinian biologist, revealed after the recent attacks, which left at least 20 people injured and two others dead, that there are only two species of piranhas found in Argentina.

Biologist says that killer fish are mostly found in Parana and Paraguay Rivers. They hide underneath floating plants, before they suddenly attack their victims.

Residents have been advised to stay away from rivers and areas with floating plants during the breeding season. This is because piranhas could be protecting their offspring.  

Another incident saw a man get his big toe bit again by a piranha as it attacked the Parana River. This time, the river was following its path through Coronda, an east-central Argentinian provincial of Santa Fe.

Both the man and the boy had their big toes bitten, while the son’s heel was torn.