26-year-old gay soldier is expelled from the Army after he sexually assaulted his teenage colleague in Cyprus.

  • 26-year-old Corporal Aaron Woolston was discharged from Army after being accused of sexual assault 
  • The 26-year-old admitted assaulting a Private, 19, on camp in Cyprus
  • Court heard he dragged teenager into a toilet cubicle and said ‘let’s do it’
  • Cpl Woolston then called him ‘boring’ when he rejected his drunken advances 

The Army has removed a British gay soldier from the ranks who sexually assaulted his teenage counterpart in Cyprus.

Corporal Aaron Woolston, 26, dragged a 19-year-old Private into a toilet cubicle and said ‘let’s do it’ – before calling him ‘boring’ when he rejected his drunken advances, a court martial heard.

Former disgraced soldier had told the younger man, “I know you are gay” before attacking him, despite the Private telling him that he was not homosexual. He also made it obvious that he wasn’t interested in the matter.

Cpl. Woolston of the 1st Battalion Princess of Wales Royal Regiment was discharged from the Army following three counts of sexual assault by touch.

William Peters, prosecuting, said both men were serving in Cyprus and had known each other about seven months when the sexual assaults happened on camp on the Mediterranean island.

Bulford Military Court heard about a prior incident when people were drinking off the balconies of an accommodation block.

Corporal Aaron Woolston was dismissed from the Army after admitting three charges of sexual assault by touching. Pictured, Bulford Military Court in Wiltshire

Aaron Woolston, Corporal in the Army was dismissed after he admitted to sexual assault and touching. Photo taken at Bulford Military Court, Wiltshire

The two men were seated next to one another. Cpl Woolston had been drinking and began to stroke. [the victim’s] thigh, saying things like «’I know you’re gay”,’ Mr Peters said.

‘[The victim]He repeatedly repeated to him that he was not gay, and told him to quit.

Although this was not part of the sexual assault charges, Peters stated that it was important because the victim had “made it clear to Cpl Woolston at that time he wasn’t interested whatsoever in his advances”.

A month later, Cpl Woolston approached the victim and asked for some conversation.

Mr Peters said: ‘[The victim]Just had his shower. He was only wearing a gown. Cpl Woolston led him to the bathroom. He then followed his lead.

Cpl Woolston took him aside and put his dressing gown in a cubicle.

“Cpl Woolston” repeatedly attempted to remove the tie from the dress gown. [the victim]He continued to push his hands away while pleading with him for help.

After hearing Cpl Woolston say “come on”, the court was able to see that Private managed to flee after only 30 seconds. At this point, Cpl Woolston called him “boring”.

Later in the night, the Private entered the bathroom. Cpl Woolston pulled his gown from him and tried to drag it into a bathroom cubicle. However, the soldier got away quickly.

After reporting the incident to senior officers, he was able to walk past Cpl Woolston and grabbed his bottom as he stood outside.

Cpl Woolston, who apologized to the private a few days later, told military police that he could not remember any details because he had been extremely drunk and blacked.

Peters read from the victim a statement that described his nightmares and the need to take sleeping tablets. He said he could not trust anyone anymore and was left feeling ‘a bit s**t’ after the sexual assaults.

Tom Wilkins, who was defending the case, stated that the sexual assaults on Cpl Woolston were a “personal tragedy” because joining the Army fulfilled a boyhood dream.

He stated that it was difficult for him to understand the gay lifestyle. He is ashamed of what he did.

Judge Jane England, Judge Advocate of England, dismissed Cpl Woolston and ordered him 200 hours work unpaid and to follow a sexual offending behavioural programme.

She stated, “This must have been very scary experience.” [the Private]

“Your platoon command wrote glowingly about you in a reference… It is a stark contrast to how your conduct on the night.

“You’ve let yourself down.” No one should have to endure such degrading and persistent behavior from their coworkers, regardless of gender.