GCHQ creates a Christmas puzzle for tomorrow’s spies… can you solve it?

  • Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), has unveiled a brand new puzzle
  • The agency sends out a card each year to its staff, which includes a Christmas brain-teaser. 
  • But this year the puzzles are aimed at children to encourage them to take an interest in subjects like maths, science and engineering

This is the ideal mission for young aspirants to spy. 

GCHQ created the first puzzle of Christmas cards for children. 

Sir Jeremy Fleming, the spy chief who leads the UK’s intelligence agency, is challenging secondary pupils aged 11 to 18. 

With a choice of seven puzzles, youngsters can pit their wits against the country’s finest intelligence officers to find the answer. 

These puzzles are designed to test maths and science whiz kids, as well as the next generation of aspiring young spies... but can you solve them?

These puzzles will test your math and science knowledge, as well the ability to solve mysteries for future generations of young spy spies.

The agency sends out a Christmas brain-teaser to all National Security Partners and National Security colleagues every year. 

This year, however, the puzzles were created for children. The aim is to persuade more pupils to take an interest in subjects like maths, science and engineering – and to consider careers in the intelligence services. 

Sir Jeremy said: ‘I want to show young people that thinking differently is a gift.’ GCHQ’s challenge is being launched across schools with the support of mathematician Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon, who is standing in for presenter Rachel Riley on Channel 4’s Countdown while she is on maternity leave. 

She said the puzzles are a ‘fun, festive way’ to explore a range of skills such as critical thinking.