Gino Pozzo is a global football figure, whose roots are much spread in Italy, and recently in the United Kingdom. His football reputation started as early as 1986, where he led Udinese, a football club in Italy. Before his Udinese take over, the club had faced a series of disappointing performances, with almost ten seasons, finishing below the bottom ten of the Italian league. However, after Gino took over, Udinese has recorded its best performance ever, where for the first time, Udinese qualified for champion’s league.

When Gino announced his departure in the Italian league, grief and sorrow dominated in the street of Udinese, because of the apt management that he has brought into the club. Nevertheless, Gino exit from Italy meant that he was heading to the United Kingdom, to capitalize on the very competitive league on the planet, the English premier league. Pozzo found his way to Vicarage road stadium, where he bought Watford football Club, in 2012.

Before 2012, Watford was also facing its unique challenges. The performance was not up to the expectations of the fans, as hardly did the club qualify for the premium league, but enjoyed the championship competition. According to the fans, the need for a change of guard was long overdue; otherwise, the club would just remain a name. Thanks to Gino Pozzo, who has brought new energy, strategies and renewed the lost hope at Watford.

According to the Watford management, Gino Pozzo has changed the operations of the Watford Football Club. Unlike most club owners who are ceremonial to the club’s activities, Gino is much lauded because he takes an active part in the day to day running of the club. His love for handwork, honesty, and scrupulousness are some of the greatest milestones, which have fueled the performance of the club, resulting in over seven seasons now without being relegated.

Being involved in the daily operations of the club should not emerge as a surprise to the dedicated Pozzo who has no other ambition other than seeing the team expand and continuously grow to become one of the best in the country. Growing a small club and having the ambitions to become of the best needs much more than being committed to the daily operations of the club. There is need for capital injection in the club, which is commonly done in other bigger clubs in the same league. It remains to be seen whether Pozzo family will dedicate some funds into the project.

This does not mean that the management of the club has not been trying to get some funds which would be very useful in trying to push the team to another level. The current management approach that involves trying to push the company by adopting some internal management and recruitment approaches seems to be bearing some tangible fruits. By recruiting the best talents in the game and nurturing them so that they can reach their potential, the management of the club will soon achieve their intentions in the market.

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