After 75 years of service, Mechanic, 90, retires and receives a SPANNER as a gift.

  • Bryan Webb, 90 years old, is a Gloucester resident who began his career at Vauxhall in 1946. 
  • Mr Webb began work at Hough & Whitmore by walking in and asking about jobs
  • As a retirement gift, the company gave him a ceremonial spanner.
  • A plaque in Bryan’s honor was unveiled at the garage to show our gratitude 

After 75 years of service, Britain’s oldest working engineer is now retired. He was presented with a SPANNER as a gift. 

Bryan Webb, 90, began working for Vauxhall in 1946 after walking into his local garage Hough & Whitmore in Gloucester.

He asked if there were any jobs. He completed his apprenticeship in mechanical engineering and was a workshop foreman by 26 years.

Bryan has now set down his tools. However, he was given a ceremonial spanner from his colleagues on his last day.

Bryan was presented with a ceremonial spanner on his last day after 75 years of service

Bryan received a ceremonial spanner as his final gift after 75 years of service

In his honour, a plaque was also unveiled.

Bryan has been a Baylis Gloucester warranty administrator for 34 years.

His career has seen him own a series of Vauxhall cars that span seven decades. He started with a Vauxhall Velox back in 1956.

Bryan still wears the watch he was given in 1970 to commemorate 25 years of service.

Julian Bawdon is the Baylis director. He said that he has only known Bryan for 14 of his long career, and that he is a credit both to Baylis as well as Vauxhall.

Bryan has owned several Vauxhall cars during the last 75 years - starting with a Vauxhall Velox all the way back in 1956

Bryan has owned many Vauxhall cars over the past 75 years, starting with a Vauxhall Velox in 1956.

“I would like to thank him and wish him a long and happy life.

Paul Willcox, Vauxhall’s managing director, stated: “For anyone to enjoy 75 years of a career is an impressive feat, but to be involved in the same company for such a long time is remarkable.

“On behalf of Vauxhall Motors, Bryan, we thank you for your dedication, hard work, and long service. We wish Bryan a happy and healthy retirement. It’s nothing less than he deserves.

Bryan Webb stated that he loves to be busy and has thoroughly enjoyed his 75 years at Baylis and Vauxhall. I will miss my colleagues and wish them success in the future.

“The biggest change in my career has been the introduction of new technology. I hope Vauxhall continues this trend with their growing range all-electric cars, vans, and vans.