Dame Esther Rantzen insists Queen 95 is still ‘as smart as a needle’. She remains a guiding star in GMB debates over whether she should be retiring after she cancelled COP26 appearance

  • Good Morning Britain guests debated if the Queen should still work
  • Dame Esther Rantzen argued Her Majesty, 95, should remain as head of state 
  • Neev Spencer said instead that she believes it’s time Her Majesty should resign.

Dame Esther Rantzen insists that the Queen, 95, remains ‘as sharp and a needle’ and remains a guiding star as she appeared on GMB today – just days following Her Majesty’s advice to cancel COP26 appearance.

Appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Dame Esther Rantzen and broadcaster Neev Spencer debated whether at the age of 95, the monarch should still be working or whether she should put her feet up.

This news comes after the queen decided to not attend COP26 in Glasgow, following a night in hospital.

But while Dame Esther Rantzen argued Her Majesty should remain as head of state, Neev Spencer instead argued she thinks it’s time Her Majesty should retire.

She explained that while she had all due respect for the monarch, she was an incredible guide over all those years, but she is 95 years old. My grandma is 95, and she’s completely useless. She cancels everything because she is like, “I’m sorry it’s too cold, I won’t be coming.” She should be relaxing and kicking off her kitten heels at that age.

Appearing on ITV's Good Morning Britain, Dame Esther Rantzen (pictured) and broadcaster Neev Spencer debated whether at the age of 95, the Queen should still be working at all or whether she should put her feet up

On ITV’s Good Morning Britain (pictured), Dame Esther Rantzen (pictured), and broadcaster Neev S Spencer debated whether the Queen should still work at all at 95 or whether she should take a break.

Broadcaster Neev Spencer (pictured) argued that she thinks it's time Her Majesty should retire

Broadcaster Neev Spencer (pictured), argued that it was time for Her Majesty to retire

However, Dame Esther held a different opinion and said it’s probably the “last thing she would want.”

She continued, “We have to remember that we’re talking to someone who has dedicated herself to public services since she inherited it in her twenties. Since then, she has met every leader around the world.” 

“She’s been the guiding light for commonwealth, and personally, I think she’s really blossomed in the last two-years. 

“She’s as sharp and precise as a needle. The occasional comments that we make from the microphone are exactly what our minds are thinking. 

“And the time she gave that wonderful speech, she pulled us all together and made us feel comfortable and confident. So I say, long may this woman reign! We look forward to the platinum celebrations, and beyond. 

The couple also discussed how Her Majesty rejected an Oldie-of-the Year award because she believes “you are only as old and as happy as you feel.”

The Queen arrives to attend the ceremonial opening of the sixth Senedd, in Cardiff, Wales on October 14, 2021

The Queen arrives in Cardiff to attend the ceremonial opening for the sixth Senedd, Cardiff, Wales, on October 14, 2021

The debate comes after news the Queen will not be attending Cop26 in Glasgow after she followed doctor's advice to rest after spending a night in hospital

The Queen will not attend Cop26 in Glasgow, following her doctor’s advice to take a rest after spending a night at hospital.

Neev stated, “Look, it’s not going to be that the Queen can’t make what she wants to,” Neev said, “But the truth of the matter is that she is 95!” This is the reality. This is what we have to consider. 

“She’s experienced so many things, she’s seen so much divorce, the war, and she’s served her country since she was 21 years old. I believe Prince Charles is ready and can handle it. She should be able to relax and enjoy the remaining five or six years. 

Esther then intervened to argue that it was ultimately the Queen’s decision. 

She said, “She’s a very intelligent woman.” She explained that she has great judgment and will listen to the doctor’s advice if it is too much for her and will cause anxiety for others. 

“Personally, she promised to go on until the end. And I believe she will. 

Esther stated that she also believes there is no tonic like a feeling of being energized. I believe she wakes up in the morning knowing that people still depend on her judgment. People still look forward to her and will be surrounded by my applause.

“I think that makes her feel young, healthy, and fit. She rightly states that you only feel as old as your feelings.