MailOnline can reveal that the Yorkshire Shepherdess was so determined project a happy family image that she kept her marital issues secret from her mother.

Joyce Livingstone stated that she was kept in dark about the problems between Amanda Owen (47) and Clive (61), with the pair said not to have been communicating for months.

Ms Livingstone was a former model and beauty king originally from Huddersfield. She said she was blown away by their ‘rough patch’, and that she had seen no hint of trouble’.

Mrs Owen made no reference to the problems in her marriage during a two-hour talk about her life on the farm in Worcester last night, despite it being billed as ‘full of honest anecdotes from her remarkable farming, family life’.

She cracked jokes and continued to push her ‘idyllic life’ during the event, saying: ‘Clive has just been on the phone asking what is for tea.’

It was revealed by neighbours that Owens had been living apart for months since she was ‘taken in the spotlight’ by her Channel 5 show, Our Yorkshire Farm.

They said Mrs Owen moved into their rental property down the road from Ravenseat Farm in Swaledale, North Yorkshire, while Mr Owen has been staying in the farmhouse.

The couple, known as the ‘Kardashians of the Countryside’, are ‘battling to save their marriage’ after more than 21 years and nine children.

Mr Owen was 13 years married to his first wife before he met Mrs Owen. He is believed to be desperate to mend their relationship and fear that their marriage will end in divorce.

Joyce Livingstone said she had been kept in the dark about problems between Amanda Owen, 47, and her husband Clive (pictured, the couple), 61, with the pair said to be living apart for months

Joyce Livingstone stated that she was kept in dark about Amanda Owen’s problems with her husband Clive (pictured, Clive), 61. It is believed that the couple have been living apart for months.

Ms Livingstone, a former model and beauty queen originally from Huddersfield, said she was 'gobsmacked' when she heard of their 'rough patch' and said she had seen 'no hint of any trouble'. Pictured: Mrs Owen

Ms Livingstone was a former model and beauty king originally from Huddersfield. She said she was blown away by their ‘rough patch’, and that she had seen no hint or trouble’. Pictured: Mrs Owen

Despite their living arrangements being the talk of the village, Ms Livingstone stated today that she was not told of any marital dispute, telling MailOnline: “I am gobsmacked.”

She said that her daughter hadn’t told her that she was living with Mr Owen. We watched the television programs and there was no indication of any trouble.

She stated that she had never spoken to anyone. I don’t know anything. Their marriage is solid to me.

Mrs Owen made no reference to the problems in her marriage during a two-hour talk about her life on the farm in Worcester last night, despite it being billed as 'full of honest anecdotes from her remarkable farming, family life'

Despite the talk being two hours long and billed as ‘full with honest anecdotes of her remarkable farming, family, and life’, Mrs Owen did not mention the problems in her marriage.

Mr and Mrs Owen became adored television stars through the Channel 5 show Our Yorkshire Farm from 2018 after first appearing on ITV series The Dales in 2011.

The programme follows them and their nine children around the 2,000-acre Ravenseat Farm as they battle the harsh elements to tackle rural duties.

Apart from the television series, Mrs Owen has also published numerous books about her idyllic rural life. Her latest book is due out today.

Last night, the star of the farming reality show gave the impression that she and her husband are still together when she spoke about the remote sheep farm at a launch event.

After taking her place on the stage at a Worcester theatre, she said to the audience: “Clive just called me asking for tea.” To laughters from the mostly elderly audience she continued: “I told him pasta.” 

The remark was made during the opening of her show, “Adventures of The Yorkshire Shepherdess” and was made hours after she and her husband had issued a joint declaration confirming that their 21-year-old marriage was in trouble.

After being separated for months, the couple admitted they were in a rocky period and said they hadn’t ever said their marriage was perfect.

Yesterday, they released a joint statement saying that the TV show and books will show the reality of farm life. As with any marriage, there are stresses and strains as well as all the complexities of raising nine children and running a farm.

“We are a normal family, and we have never said that our marriage is perfect. The media’s constant intrusion into our lives has made it more difficult for us to get through this rough patch. As we go through this, we ask that the media respect our privacy.

Amanda, 47, live on Ravenseat Farm in Yorkshire with her husband Clive Owen, 67. Pictured left to right: Annas, seven, Violet, 10, Edith, 12, Raven, 20, Amanda with Nancy, four, Clive with Clemmie, five, Reuben, 17, Miles, 14 and Sidney, eight. Pictured: The family are in front of The Fires, where Amanda is believed to be staying

Amanda, 47, lives on Ravenseat Farm, Yorkshire with her husband Clive Owen (67). From left to right: Annas (7 years old), Violet (10 years), Edith (12 years), Raven (20 Years), Amanda (4 years), Clive (with Clemmie) (5, Reuben (17, Miles 14 and Sidney (8). Pictured: Amanda is believed to be in The Fires with her family.

Our Yorkshire Farm stars Amanda (R) and Clive Owen (L) are reportedly 'battling to save their marriage' after more than 21 years together

Clive Owen (L), Amanda (R), and Clive Owens (L) star in Our Yorkshire Farm. They are apparently ‘fighting for their marriage’ after spending more than 21 years together

The Firs – Amanda Owen’s holiday home where she is believed to be staying

Amanda Owen’s website, the Yorkshire Shepherdess, advertises a beautiful stay in the Dales at their holiday home.

The Firs, six-bedroom farmhouse, is situated on five acres of meadows with pasture.

It has two king-sized bedrooms, one double, one triple, and one single.

It is accessed by a private road behind three gates and dates back to at least the seventeenth century.

It features a number original features such as stone flagged floors, beamed ceilings and whitewashed walls.

It boasts a cozy living area with a fireplace, as well as a traditional farmhouse-style kitchen with a table for eight.

It also includes a microwave, fridge freezer and toaster,  utility room with washer and tumble drier and a TV in the living room with sound bar.

But for visitors it has no phone connection, with guests advised to travel 15 minutes to Kirkby Stephen to get a connection.

During the coronavirus epidemic, the cottage was not available for rent.

The advertisement’s notice at the top states: ‘We aren’t taking bookings until further notice, and visits to Ravenseat have been postponed until spring.

Mr. Owen and Mrs Owen also rented a shepherd’s cottage on their land, which is close to their farmyard.

According to the website: “In a sheltered location down by the River, it’s your chance for the stunning Swaledale countryside in a traditional style.”

It also states that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside on warm summer evenings while relaxing by the river, while dipping your toes into the water. If it’s wild, wet or windy, you can stay inside the hut to keep warm and cozy by the wood-burning fireplace.

There is also no WIFI or internet access in the area. Due to the pandemic, it is also out of reach. 

During her two-hour talk about her farm life, Mrs Owen didn’t mention the problems she had with her husband.

More than 150 people had paid £17.50 to hear the 47-year-old reveal details about everyday farming life and coping with nine children.

Huntingdon Hall in Worcester was free to ask questions, and many were disappointed that they couldn’t get signed copies of her best-selling book.

The author pre-signed all copies of ‘Adventures of a Shepherdess,’ which were available at Huntingdon Hall.

As Mrs Owen left the theatre, she did not comment on her next scheduled appearance in Scarborough.

Fans of Owens expressed their sadness at the news of the breakdown in the 21-year-old marriage of their beloved farming couple.

Anne Layton stated that she loves the TV series and finds it so sad. I hope that all couples have problems, and that the children can overcome them.

Another woman who booked to see the show for her birthday said that she would be heartbroken if Amanda & Clive parted ways. They can’t. Their bond and their interaction with their children are truly touching.

Ravenseat Farm is one the UK’s most remote sheep farms. Locals claim the couple have lived apart for months.

MailOnline was told by Neighbors that Owen had been ‘taken in the spotlight’ by Channel 5’s programme, leading to the split.

She spoke about her appearances on The One Show, a BBC TV program, and Radio 2’s The Jeremy Vine Show, in her show. She described how she and her children were accommodated in a Mayfair penthouse to make a TV appearance.

Her husband was mentioned several times, including an incident in which he had to rescue Julia Bradbury, a TV presenter while filming for her program.

Peg Lancaster talked mainly about her nine kids and farm animals during the conversation.

Mrs Owen and her husband have Raven, 20, Reuben (17), Miles (15), Edith (12), Violet (10), Sidney (9), Annas (7), Clemmie (5), and Nancy (4).

In 2011, they first appeared on TV as The Dales, but it was 2018 that they founded Our Yorkshire Farm. Before marrying Mrs Owen, Mr Owen was 13 years married and had two daughters from his previous marriage.

Mrs Owen spoke out to the Sunday Times about her love for her husband after having nine children.

She replied, “Oh my God. What kind of question is that? Yes. He does, I believe. I know this, in fact.  

Mrs Owen will be touring for the majority of November, making appearances in Newcastle and Blackpool, as well as Milton Keynes, where she will also be signing her latest book.

Yorkshire Shepherdess, Amanda Owen, 47, pictured, has revealed she finds fame invasive, but admits she capitalises on it

Amanda Owen, 47-year-old Yorkshire Shepherdess, has admitted that she finds fame intrusive, but admits that she capitalizes on it 

Amanda runs Ravenseat farm with her husband Clive. She says hundreds of curious fans come to visit in hopes of catching a glimpse of her or her children

Amanda and her husband Clive run Ravenseat farm. She estimates that hundreds of curious fans visit Ravenseat farm in the hopes of seeing her or her children.