A great-great grandson of Viscount Astor (19 years old), who is distantly related to Samantha Cameron vomited at a police officer, while high on Tramadol (wine) court hears.

  • Frederick, 19 years old, hurled abuse at 3 officers, before throwing his food at 1 officer, the court heard.
  • After consuming drugs for a while, he spit saliva on two more constables.
  • Astor is the great,great-grandson 2nd Viscount Waldorf, a well-known politician
  • Thomas Astor is his son and he lives at Merriscourt House, Cotswolds.

A court today heard that Viscount Astor’s greatgreat-grandson was sickened by a policeman after he had taken drugs and drunk wine.

Frederick Astor (age 19) verbally abused three officers and then vomited in one of his faces at his father’s Cotswolds estate.

He also spat saliva at the two other constables after bingeing on alcohol and Tramadol, Oxford Magistrates’ Court heard.

Viscount Astor's great-great-grandson Frederick spat sick in a policeman's eye when he was high on drugs and drunk off wine, a court heard today (pictured outside court)

Frederick Astor, Viscount Astor’s greatgreat-grandson and high-drug-user-drank-off-wine addict, became sick after he hit a cop’s eye. Court heard this today. 

Astor is the great-grandson of the 2nd Viscount Waldorf, who was a notable politician and newspaper proprietor in the early 1900s.

He is the son of Thomas Astor and they live at the sprawling 500-acre Merriscourt House in Churchill, near Chipping Norton.

Through William Astor her stepfather, Samantha Cameron is related to Frederick. Frederick is Frederick’s grandfather. David Astor, an acclaimed publisher and editor, is Frederick’s cousin.

PC Dyson told the court that when he arrived at the estate to treat Astor for a head injury the defendant spat vomit in his eyes.

He said: ‘I have been punched and kicked in the head amongst other things but this, in my opinion, is the worst assault I have suffered.’

He said, “To have my face spit at in the middle of a worldwide pandemic was disgusting.”

He is the son of Thomas Astor and they live at the sprawling 500-acre Merriscourt House (pictured) in Churchill, near Chipping Norton

Thomas Astor is his son and they reside on the 500-acre Merriscourt House, which can be seen in the photo.

PC Dyson said in his victim statement that Frederick was quite disgusting throughout the whole incident.

“He spat at SPC Sunders who’s a special constable, and gives his time to the police. He has done nothing wrong to warrant the verbal and physical abuse that was directed at him.

The attack took place when police were called to Merriscourt House on July 3, where they arrived to find Astor being restrained by his father, the court heard.

Magistrates were informed that police called the ambulance after fears about an injury to the teenager’s ears.

The court was told that he tried to kick them and swore at them while they waited, before hitting them on the arm with his fists.

A paramedic replaced the spit-hood with a surgical helmet when the patient got in an ambulance. But magistrates were told that he later vomited on it, and it was then thrown at PC Dyson.

Mavalynne Lewis, defending, read a note from Astor saying: ‘What I did to those police officers was disgusting.’

The teenager is also related to Samantha Cameron (pictured this month) via her stepfather William Astor, whose cousin, the celebrated publisher and editor David Astor is Frederick's grandfather

Samantha Cameron is also related via William Astor. William Astor is Frederick’s great-grandfather. Frederick’s cousin is the celebrated editor and publisher David Astor.

He said, “I am so, so sorry.” He added: ‘I’m so, so sorry. [police body worn]Video.

Court heard that the court was aware of the history of insomnia and mental disorders in which the aristocrat has been.

The teenager used drugs, often marijuana, to get his life back.

Carol Payne, Presiding Magistrates, stated that the assaults were very unpleasant.

“We heard you felt regret about that, and it was certainly a difficult situation for officers involved.”

Astor received an 18-month order from the community and was required to complete 120 days of alcohol monitoring.

He also was ordered to do 24 rehabilitation activity days and pay £300 compensation to the policemen as well as a £95 victim surcharge.