Greta Thunberg meets climate activists in London – before taking the train to join striking binmen marching through Glasgow during Cop26

  • Greta Thunberg has joined protesters in London lobbying against fossil fuels
  • She will join striking binmen in a march through Glasgow during the Cop26
  • On Monday, world leaders will meet for the Cop26 UN climate conference 

Greta Thunberg joined protesters in London today to oppose the use fossil fuels.

The teenage activist is expected catch a train from Glasgow to join striking binmen during Cop26.

The protestor, aged 18, is one of thousands that marched in 26 countries and on every continent to demand that the global financial systems stop funding fossil fuels.

These protests are just days before global leaders will gather in Glasgow for the Cop26 UN Climate Change Conference.

Leaders, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson, will discuss how the world can best work together to combat climate change.

The Prime Minister stated that he was concerned that the summit might not bring about the necessary changes for the environment.

Greta Thunberg with an enlarged image of the minuscule beetle that was named in her honour Nelloptodes gretae at the Natural History Museum on October 29

Greta Thunberg, with an enlarged photo of the tiny beetle that was given her name Nelloptodes grettae at the Natural History Museum in October 29

Flowers outside Lloyds of London in protest to demand the global financial system stops putting money into the use of fossil fuels

Protest by flowers outside Lloyds of London to demand that the global financial system stop putting money in the use of fossil fuels

He stated that “we need as many people possible to get to net zero so they don’t produce too much carbon dioxide by mid-century.” It is possible, I believe. This summit will be very, very difficult.

“I’m very concerned because it could go wrong and we might lose the agreements we need.”

The Day of Action protest could be the largest ever against climate finance and will be held at financial centers in London, New York and San Francisco.

Activists will campaign outside Barclays, Standard Chartered and Lloyds of London branches. Ms Thunberg will join them.

A protester holds a sign reading 'Lloyd's insuring the death of our world' outside Lloyds of London on Friday

A protester held a sign saying “Lloyd’s insurance the death of our planet” outside Lloyds of London on Friday

Flowers are left outside Lloyd's of London as protesters urge the company to stop funding use of fossil fuels

Protesters call on Lloyd’s of London to cease funding fossil fuels and leave flowers outside Lloyd’s of London

Ms Thunberg examines the minuscule beetle that was named in her honour

Ms Thunberg examines the minuscule beetle that was named in her honour

The protests come after campaigners revealed banks have paid £2,754,145,000,000 into fossil fuel extraction since the 2015 Paris agreement where world leaders committed to limit the rise in global temperatures to 1.5C and reach net zero emissions by 2050.

According to the International Energy Authority (IAA), there can be no further exploration for oil and gas after 2021.

Joseph Sikulu from Pacific Climate Warriors stated: “Financial institutions who continue to invest in dirty fuel projects are also investing into the destruction of our islands, and our homes.

“It’s high time for corporations to be held responsible for this crisis.

“The science is clear. We must do everything possible to limit global warming below 1.5C. Our survival depends on it. We must defund climate chaos to get there.