The last words of Rust cinematographer Halyna Houtchins as she died on a Santa Fe film sets have been revealed.

“That was no good. That was no good at all,’ the 42-year-old mother-of-two said seconds after she was fatally shot by Alec Baldwin on the set of indie Western Rust on October 21 before succumbing to her injuries. 

Hutchins’ final words were spoken after Baldwin, the lead actor, discharged a Colt.45 revolver. It was supposed to be loaded blanks but contained live ammo. The Los Angeles Times reported the incident Sunday after conducting interviews with cast and crew.

'That was no good. That was no good at all,' the 42-year-old mother-of-two said seconds after she was fatally shot by Alec Baldwin on the set of indie Western Rust on October 21 before succumbing to her injuries

“That was no good. The mother-of-two, 42 years old, said that it was no good at all seconds after Alec Baldwin shot her on the set of indie Western Rust. She then succumbed to her injuries.

Serge Svetnoy has described the harrowing moment he held Halyna Hutchins in his arms after she was accidentally shot by Alec Baldwin

Serge Svetnoy has described the harrowing moment he held Halyna Hutchins in his arms after she was accidentally shot by Alec Baldwin

'What the f**k just happened?' Baldwin reportedly asked cast and crew members after the shot went off, and Hutchins suddenly stumbled back into head electrician Serge Svetnoy's arms

‘What the f**k just happened?’ Baldwin reportedly asked cast members and crew members after the shot went off. Hutchins then suddenly stumbled into Serge Svetnoy’s arms.

Alec Baldwin, 63, and his wife, Hilaria, 37, celebrated Halloween with their six children on Sunday days after Halyna Hutchin's death on the Rust movie set

Alec Baldwin, 63, and his wife, Hilaria, 37, celebrated Halloween with their six children on Sunday days after Halyna Hutchin’s death on the Rust movie set

Sources say that the gun that killed Halyna Hutchins and Alec Baldwin was set off by a firearm was used to practice off-set targets. Live ammo and blanks were also stored together. 

Alec Baldwin was wielding a vintage Colt pistol

Alec Baldwin was using a Colt pistol vintage

 The gun that killed the cinematographer on the set of Alec Baldwin’s Rust had been used for target practice by crew members, sources linked to the western film’s production said. 

Multiple sources connected with the Rust set informed TMZ that crew members used the Colt pistol for recreational purposes. 

According to sources, crew members would practice shooting real bullets and some believe that a live cartridge from one of those practice sessions would make its way onto the set. 

Another source said to TMZ that live ammunition and blanks were stored in the same area as the set. This could be another explanation for how a bullet was fired out of Baldwin’s Colt.  

Friday’s search warrant revealed that Hannah Gutierrez Rice, Rust armorer, had placed three prop guns on a cart outside of the filming location. First assistant director Dave Halls then grabbed the Colt from that cart and brought it inside to Baldwin. He was unaware that it was loaded up with live rounds. 

“Cold gun!” Halls shouted before handing the gun to Baldwin. Halls shouted, “Cold gun!” before handing Baldwin the gun. The phrase was used to signal to the cast and crew that it was safe to fire at the scene, according to the warrant. 

Baldwin was filming a scene in an Old West-style church when she saw that the trigger was pulled. She accidentally killed Hutchins and injured Souza. 

Two production sources familiar with Gutierrez Reed’s work said that it wasn’t the first time she had been involved in an incident at a movie set. 

Two sources informed The Daily Beast that Hannah Gutierrez–Reed allegedly gave an 11-year old actress a gun, without properly inspecting it, while she was filming The Old Way with Nicholas Cage. 

Sources said that there were a few instances when she was loading blanks and doing so in a way that we considered unsafe.

“She was a little careless with guns, waving it around every so often.”  

Sources close to the Rust group claim that the fatal incident which killed Hutchins, 42 years old, and injured Souza 48 years ago was the result of production failures from top. 

They also stated that Halls, the assistant director, handed Baldwin the gun and said it was safe. 

According to one source, ‘He was supposed to be our last defense and he failed me.’ “He’s the last person who’s supposed to look at this firearm.”

According to a Rust production source, there have been at least two other instances of guns accidentally being discharged by crew members on set prior to Thursday’s tragic incident. 

Gutierrez-Reed was described by the source as “inexperienced and green.” 

‘What the f**k just happened?’ Baldwin reportedly asked cast and crew members after the shot went off, and Hutchins suddenly stumbled back into head electrician Serge Svetnoy’s arms and Director Joel Souza also hit the deck.   

Perplexed by the incident the actor was prepping for a scene in which he would draw and fire the prop gun.

Baldwin told Souza, “So, I guess I’m going to take this out, pull the trigger, and go, Bang!” 

The actor then drew a gun – which he was assured was safe by David Halls (the film’s first assistant filmmaker) – and was fired. 

Instead of a harmless blank, however, a bullet flew out of the barrel of firearm, striking Hutchins in her chest and killing her.

‘What the f— was that? That burns! The director reportedly screamed in the confusion. 

Baldwin, shocked, took the gun down, cast member revealed, and then looked at his two savaged friends.

‘What the f**k just happened?’ The actor repeated the statement again.

Then came pandemonium.

“Medic!” “Medic!

Svetnoy said that the cinematographer couldn’t feel her legs.

Cast and crew members tried to stop the bleeding.

The Times reports that Hutchins, who was still conscious at the moment, looked up to one of the staffers trying save her, a boom-operating operator.

The sound guy said, “Oh, it was no good,” after assessing the severity of his colleague’s injury.

Hutchins replied, knowingly, “No, Hutchins.” That was no good. It was not good at all.

Hours later, the cinematographer died from her injuries.

The Time reported on Hutchins’ final words on Sunday, October 31. Baldwin and his wife were also present. Hilaria was investigated for posting a humorous video. Halloween photo on Instagram with their six kids – days after Hutchins’ death on the Rust movie set.

In the post, Baldwin’s wife, 37, described to her nearly one million followers how ‘intense’ parenting has been for the couple, while coping with the very public situation surrounding the tragedy involving her husband.

Hilaria was however criticized for posting the holiday snaps at a time Hutchins’ nine-year old son would be experiencing his first Halloween without his mother. 

Hilaria posted on Instagram Sunday, “Parenting through all of this has been an intense, to say the very least,”

“Today, they rallied to give them holiday. Last min costumes…a little hodge-podge…but they were so happy and that warmed my mama heart.’

The family photos of the happy couple were released just hours after another report from The Times revealed that there had been at most three other accidental gun fires on the set during the days preceding Hutchins’ death.

According to The Times’ report several crew members said that Alec’s stunt double accidentally fired blank after being told the gun was cold.

Another instance was when a young woman in the props department ‘actually shot herself in the foot’ using a blank, injuring itself.

Additionally, one crew member claimed that there were numerous incidents throughout the production. This was despite the fact there wasn’t an on-site physician present during pre-production.

“Someone dropped a countersink piece and it stabbed my hand in the hand. A production worker shared that she had to handle it herself and is still recovering from it.

Another source claimed that production leaders were more concerned by their budget than the safety of the crew.  

Lane Luper, A-camera’s first assistant, stated that crew members were always more important than the budget.

“Everything was about the budget and the schedule.”

Luper and other crew members claimed that officials didn’t send safety bulletins or call sheets after filming began. 

Despite the lack of safety concern amongst the production leaders, Alec claims that he prioritized the well-being his fellow cast members and crew. 

“Alec was very concerned about safety at the set,” a camera technician said.

Another crew member said, “He wanted to know where he would be standing when it was time for him to draw his gun.”

“I told him that I was going to be standing at a different location, and he said, “Good.”

The weapon used by Baldwin in the incident was one of three prop guns that the film’s rookie armorer, Hanna Gutierrez Reed, 24, had set up outside the set location on a gray cart that was left unattended for hours, a search warrant enacted by Santa Fe police revealed.

According to a Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office search warrant, Gutierrez Reed was the last person who handled the gun. The gun was left on the cart with the other revolvers in the early hours October 21st. 

The insider claims that this is when the weapons were taken by crew members without the director or first director’s knowledge. They also forgot to unload it. asked for comment from Rust Productions’ representatives. However, Rust Movie Productions issued a statement to multiple outlets saying that safety for cast and crew was the top priority for Rust Productions as well as all those associated with the company.