A young mother was found dead in her home with her infant son. Her brother described her as a loving, dedicated mother who “lived” for her child. 

Police discovered the bodies of Natalie Kane (27), and Harry (11) after being called about concerns regarding her welfare December 30. 

Cumbria Constabulary claimed they were dispatched to Whitehaven house at 2.52pm, where officers found their bodies.

MailOnline received reports from neighbors that water was running near the property just as the bodies were discovered.

According to a spokesperson for the force, there is no evidence of suspicious circumstances. The next week is set for post-mortems. 

Shane Evitts has started a fundraising page and paid tribute in memory of his brother, Natalie.

According to him, he said: “She died for Harry. It’s just one of these tragic events.

“The family manages to survive with help from their close friends.

“Natalie was vibrant and bubbly. Her son Harry called her a wonderful mam and she was a great mam. 

Natalie Kane, 27, and her one-year-old son Harry, were found by police officers at an address in Wellington Row, Whitehaven, on December 30

Police officers found Natalie Kane (27) and Harry Kane (1 year old) at Wellington Row in Whitehaven on December 30, 2018. 

Natalie with her son Harry

The mother and her son were found by officers

Officers found the mother and baby, and they received tributes.

An earlier neighbor said that she was a beautiful lady and adored the little boy. This is a terrible tragedy. 

“The police don’t know what happened. They just found Natalie and Harry dead in her apartment.”

“There wasn’t anything alarming about the pipes before, but there was something unusual. There seemed to be constant water running down the drain pipe.

It sounded like a bathtub or sink was overflowing.

“The police asked neighbours about Natalie, and then the police and paramedics ran into my flat.”

“When they both told us that they were dead, it was so heartbreaking. 

Although the police are yet to confirm the identities of the two, they were named by local well-wishers as tributes to a “lovely mother” who was devoted to her 1-year-old son. 

A fundraising page was set up by Shane and close friends Ashton Graham and Stacey Hackett to help towards the pair’s funeral, and has already raised more than £6,000.

Ashton said, “I just want her to know what a great mam she is and how proud I am of her.”

“She has touched many hearts, and she will never understand how special and loved she is.”

“When you hear that your best friend is your soulmate, it’s because I really believe that this is what you’re capable of.

“A small part of me has been taken from you. Without you my life would be different.

“He (Harry), was such a happy little baby. He was protected by you, his mam.

“You gave him the best of life. He was your making.”

Officers arrived to the property after concerns were raised for the welfare of a woman. Pictured: GV of Wellington Row

Following concerns raised about the safety of a woman, officers reached the location. Pictured: The GV of Wellington Row

On the fundraising page, a statement reads “We’d like to offer Natalie and her family great help. Please consider contributing as they are deserving.”

“We are not asking for the entire amount, but any little help is greatly appreciated. Natalie’s brother Shane has chosen Women Out West to be his charity of choice.

“This charity really helped Natalie and Shane was so happy that they were there to help her, that it is the most appropriate way to thank them.”

As a tribute to Harry, Natalie has a planned balloon release in Maryport, Cumbria. 

Cumbria Police confirmed they do not consider the deaths suspicious.

According to a statement, they stated that police attended Wellington Row in Whitehaven after becoming aware of concerns for the welfare and safety of a woman at 2.52pm on December 30, 2012.

Two people died in this address: one in her 20s, and another in her 1 year.

There are currently no suspicious circumstances. We have contacted the coroner.