As she prepares for Prince Andrew’s legal troubles and Prince Harry’s memoirs, the Queen will be relying on the Duchess Of Cambridge “more than ever,” a royal expert claims. 

Kate, who is 95 and a great friend of the Queen, has been working for the Royal Family since its inception, which has gained a lot more attention over time. 

It is said that the 39-year-old Duchess has “stepped up” and assumed more responsibility following Megxit. She will also play a greater role in 2022.

Closer was contacted by Katie Nicholl who said of royal author Katie Nicholl: “In recent years we’ve witnessed her leadership in Megxit’s aftermath, where she kept calm and continued to carry on.” 

The Queen will rely on the Duchess of Cambridge 'more than ever' as she braces for a 'difficult' year with Prince Andrew's legal woes and Prince Harry's upcoming memoir, a royal expert has claimed. Pictured, the  Duchess of Cambridge on a royal tour of Scotland in May

While the Queen is preparing for an ‘intense’ year, which will include Prince Andrew’s legal problems and Prince Harry’s forthcoming memoir, a royal expert claimed that she will depend on the Duchess. Pictured, the  Duchess of Cambridge on a royal tour of Scotland in May

The Queen, 95, already 'hugely values' Kate's work for the Royal Family, which has become increasingly high profile in recent years. Above, the Queen and Kate Middleton in 2014

Kate Middleton, 95 years old, is already very proud of Kate’s contribution to the Royal Family. This family has been getting more attention in recent times. Above: Kate Middleton and the Queen in 2014.

“I believe she will be even better this year, particularly since it will be tough for the royals. 

‘Harry and Meghan’s interviews this year have caused chaos for the royals, and Harry’s new memoir – due out next year – will likely reveal even more intimate details about the royal family, and cause further issues. 

“And Andrew’s court matter will also be addressed.” Kate will take the lead and I am sure that Queen Elizabeth will be able to count on Kate for her help.

As it emerges, so does it come If a judge decides that the case must go to trial, Prince Andrew and his accuser in the US sex-case could reach an agreement outside of court.

Sources claim that the option “remains open” if Judge Lewis Kaplan refuses to grant his legal team the motion this week to dismiss Virginia Roberts’ case at an earlier stage.

Andrew and his team acknowledge that the case has an ‘attritional effect’ on the Royal Family. This is especially true as Queen Elizabeth 95 is set to mark her Platinum Jubilee in June.

This year will see Prince Harry bring out a memoir, which could deepen current rifts, in the same year his grandmother celebrates her landmark Platinum Jubilee

In the same year that his grandmother’s landmark Platinum Jubilee, Prince Harry will publish a memoir. This could further rifts.

Sources said that the case involved US lawyers. It also involves a US civil lawsuit. According to one source, 99 percent of civil cases in the United States are settled outside of court.

As the majority of people end up there, a settlement is always an option. It is important to also take into account the attrition and wider pressure.

Sources with knowledge of the case stressed last night to the Daily Mail that no discussions have taken place yet about whether the Queen’s son could – or should – agree a settlement without liability being admitted.

They said that neither was it ruled out.

Buckingham Palace refused to comment and described it as an “ongoing legal matter”.

Prince Harry’s Memoir is said to be an added source of stress in the home. 

Royal sources told the Mail that inside Buckingham Palace and the other royal households, there was an increasing sense of anger and frustration – not just because he had chosen to write such a book, but also over the ‘clearly deliberate’ timing of its publication this autumn.

Insiders say it could prove to be the ‘last straw’ for Harry’s family. Relations are already at an impasse.

After having been working on the manuscript for over a year, the prince will submit a manuscript. He promised that it would be an ‘accurate and truthful first-hand account’ of his life. The book is expected to be available in 2022.