Alec Baldwin has been dealt yet another cruel blow after his family’s beloved cat Emilio went missing from their remote Vermont property. 

The 63 year-old actor was seen frantically searching a wooded area near Manchester where he and his family have been staying since the accidental shooting of Halyna Utchins, their hideaway rental.   

Hilaria, 37 years old, took to Instagram hours before to ask the public for help in finding the furry feline that had joined the family as an April kitten. 

We can’t find Emilio our cat. If you see him, please help him return home. We are all so upset. She shared a photo of her cat with Maria Lucia, her infant daughter, and said that he’s microchipped, but not collared. 

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Alec Baldwin was seen frantically searching for his family's beloved cat Emilio in a wooded area of Manchester, Vermont on Tuesday

Alec Baldwin was seen looking for Emilio, the family’s beloved cat, in a wooded section of Manchester, Vermont, on Tuesday

The 63-year-old actor was faced with another mishap after coming under intense scrutiny ever since firing the gun that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his movie 'Rust' on October 21

After coming under intense scrutiny since shooting the gun that killed Halyna Utchins, cinematographer on October 21, 2013, the actor, aged 63, was confronted with another mishap

Alec wore a black t-shirt, black pants, and dress shoes, with his hair unkempt, as he wandered around the area in search for the kitty

Alec wore a black T-shirt, black pants and black shoes as he walked around the neighborhood in search of the cat.

Hours earlier, wife Hilaria, 37, took to Instagram to ask the public to keep an eye out for the furry feline

Hilaria, 37, asked the public to follow her on Instagram hours earlier to alert them to the furry feline.

She added that “The local police know” and suggested that if they find him, they should be contacted. 

The mother-of-6 did not give any details about the location of the cat or how it got away. exclusive photos show a distressed-looking Baldwin setting off into the woods in search of Emilio. 

He was wearing a black tee, black pants, and black dress shoes as he walked around the neighborhood looking for the cat.  

The Bengal cat is the pet’s four-legged companion. They are known for their leopard-like spots on their fur and their highly-energetic personalities.  

'We are all so upset': Hilaria, 37, took to her Instagram to post a snap of their beloved pet named Emilio with infant daughter Maria Lucia in hopes of tracking down the cat

“We are all so sad”: Hilaria, 37 years old, took to Instagram to post a picture of Emilio, their beloved pet with Maria Lucia as a message to the cat’s owner in hopes of finding him. 

Exclusive photos show a disheveled and distressed-looking Baldwin setting off into the woods with what appeared to be a yellow cat toy, in hopes of luring Emilio photos of Baldwin in distress, setting off into woods with what appeared like a yellow cat toy in hopes to lure Emilio

It is unknown how or when the cat managed to get away and Hilaria did not give any details of the general location where it could be

Alec Baldwin

It is not clear how or when it got away. Hilaria did no give any details as to the general location.

It has been claimed that the veteran actor is having a rough time coping with the tragic on-set death of cinematographer's Halyna Hutchins in Santa Fe, New Mexico

According to reports, the veteran actor is struggling to cope with the tragic loss of Halyna HUTCHINS, Santa Fe’s cinematographer, on-set in New Mexico. 

Hilaria announced in April that Emilio was adopted by the couple for Carmen, their eight-year-old daughter. Although Alec is allergic to Emilio, Carmen has always wanted a cat ever since she was two.   

“We struggled with what we should do for years, lots research, lots searching…and now she has a baby.” Meet Carmen’s Emilio Cookie Baldwin, Hilaria wrote that he was named after her.  

Bengal cats are hypoallergenic and can be expensive. Their prices range from $1,500 to $3,000

Since then Emilio has been featured on Hilaria’s Instagram in sweet snaps of Emilio cuddling up with her young children. 

The Baldwins’ nanny was spotted carrying what appeared to be a cat carriage as she packed up the family’s belongings in New York City just hours after the tragic shooting. 

It is not known when exactly the cat fled and why they haven’t been able locate him via his microchip. 

Following the tragic death of Alec’s colleague, cinematographer Halyna Houtchins, the family’s missing pet is in the middle of controversy. He accidentally shot her on the set of Rust in New Mexico.    

Baldwin has been riding out the storm in Manchester, Vermont, where he, his wife, and six children retreated last week

Baldwin was in Manchester, Vermont, riding out the storm with his wife and six children.

The missing pet mishap comes in the thick of controversy following the tragic death of Alec's colleague, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, whom he accidentally fatally shot on the set of upcoming film Rust in New Mexico

After Alec’s tragic death, Halyna, his colleague and cinematographer, died, the controversy surrounding the missing pet mishap is intensifying.

The family has been in Vermont enduring the storm, but they have now retreated to their home last week. 

Alec, Hilaria and their hideaway were seen leaving the scene just one day earlier as they went for coffee. 

Hilaria ran three miles while Alec, dressed all in black, waited in their car. The couple then went for a coffee run in Manchester Center.

They stopped at four coffee shops before finally settling on Starbucks. Hilaria, wearing a baseball hat and activewear, was carrying several coffees. 

Later, they were seen shopping at Pendleton’s high quality textile store Pendleton.     

This comes the day after Hilaria was hit with criticism for posting what critics called ‘tasteless’ and  ‘inappropriate’ Halloween photos of their family as husband Alec deals with the aftermath of the shooting that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchens.  

Just weeks earlier, the Baldwins' nanny was seen holding a cat carrier as she packed up their cars outside Alec's New York City apartment

Just weeks earlier, Alec Baldwin’s nanny was seen with a cat carrier in her hands as she packed their cars outside her New York City apartment.

Alec Baldwin's nanny is seen with multiple carrier bags outside his apartment, hours after the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins

Alec Baldwin’s nanny can be seen outside his apartment with multiple carrier bags, hours after the shooting death of Halyna HUTCHINS

The couple had got Emilio earlier this year in April for their eight-year-old daughter Carmen

Emilio had been adopted by the couple earlier this year in April to be a father to Carmen, their eight-year-old girl.

Hilaria, 37, posted on Instagram Sunday, “Parenting through these has been an intense experience to say the least.” 

Halyna Hutchins (pictured) died on October 21 after Alec Baldwin pointed and fired a Colt pistol at her during a scene

Halyna Hutchins (pictured) died on October 21 after Alec Baldwin pointed and fired a Colt pistol at her during a scene 

“Today we rallied to help them have a holiday. Last min costumes…a little hodge-podge…but they were so happy and that warmed my mama heart.’

Since Alec, 63 shot the gun that killed Hutchins while filming ‘Rust’, on October 21, the Baldwins have been subject to intense scrutiny.

After a new investigation revealed that there had been at most three other accidental gunshots on the set before Hutchins died, the couple’s fun-loving family photos have been released.  

She was criticised for posting happy holiday snaps, while Hutchins’ nine year-old son would face his first Halloween alone. 

On Sunday, Hutchins’ final words as she lay dying on a Santa Fe set of film sets were revealed.

“That was no good. The 42-year old mother-of-two stated that it was no good at all seconds after Alec shot her.

Before he accidentally shot and killed his wife, the crew on the movie set were already concerned with gun safety. 

A warrant indicated that Hutchins was hit in the chest by a single bullet, and that the bullet then struck director Joel Souza in his shoulder while he was standing behind her. This injures him. 

The couple hit four different coffee shops on Monday in the small town of Manchester and finally settled on a Starbucks

The couple tried four coffee shops in Manchester on Monday before finally settling for a Starbucks 

Alec - dressed in all-black with a mask around his chin - held his coffee and a pastry in a bag as he got into his car to head back to the couple's six-bedroom Manchester home

Alec, dressed in all black with a mask around the chin, held his coffee and a pastry in his bag as he drove back to their six-bedroom Manchester home. spotted Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria leaving their hideaway rental home in Manchester, Vermont, after the actor's on-set tragedy saw Alec Baldwin and Hilaria leave their hideaway rental house in Manchester, Vermont after the actor’s onset tragedy. 

Hours before the fatal shooting, unionized workers walked off the set complaining about long hours and poor conditions. They also complained about another safety incident that occurred days earlier, which involved ‘two misfires of a prop weapon. 

Alec has since stated to reporters that he doesn’t believe production will resume.

Hilaria is now being called a desperate attention seeker after interrupting her husband’s impromptu press conference on the death. Alec then glares at Hilaria and snaps at him. 

Hilaria repeatedly barged into a Vermont roadside interview on Saturday. She paced in front the camera and made a show out of filming the exchange using her iPhone. 

Later, she posted a heartfelt Instagram message: ‘I love and I’m there,’ she captioned a photo of her and her husband’s hands intertwined. Hilaria was criticized online for her apparent attempt to get sympathy.

Alec, 63, and his wife, Hilaria, 37, celebrated Halloween with their six children on Sunday - days after Halyna Hutchins' death on the Rust movie set

Alec, 63, and Hilaria (37), celebrated Halloween with their six children. This was just days after Halyna HUTCHINS’ death on Rust’s movie set.

Her caption described how 'intense' parenting her children has been while coping with the tragedy, writing: 'Parenting through this has been an intense experience, to say the least. Today, we rallied to give them a holiday'

Her caption described how ‘intense’ parenting her children was while dealing with the tragedy. She wrote: ‘Parenting through all of this has been an intense experience to say the least. Today, we rallied to offer them a holiday.

@blanket1734 tweeted, “This scene featuring Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin [aka 100% not-Spanish Hillary of Boston who is still using fake accents] is nuts.”

“He’s trying with the paps, and his wife keeps jumping up, trying to butt into and FILMING since she’s so desperate for attention. 

Alec told reporters that he had dinner with Halyna, a friend, on the first day of filming Rust in New Mexico. 

“What do YOU want to know?” Alec was visibly upset as Hilaria, his wife held her cell phone up while recording the impromptu briefing. 

The shooting is still under investigation.