Moment teenage yob lights firework through the letterbox of their family’s house in Halloween night attack that left their dog “traumatized”

  • The incident was captured by a doorbell camera in north-west London on Sunday
  • Rachel Lake, the homeowner, stated that the firework hit the dog and ‘traumatized’ it.
  • Footage shows a young male in dark clothing lighting the firework, before he runs off
  • The incident was reported by the police who are conducting “further investigations”.

This is what happened when a teenage yob lit an ignition source and shoved it through a letterbox at a family house. The letterbox exploded and it hit the homeowner’s dog.

Rachel Lake captured the footage from the Ring doorbell camera at her north west London home at 7.50pm on Sunday October 31.

According to the instructor, the Halloween night firework assault had charred the front door mat, scorched a hall bench, and ‘traumatised the family dog’.

A teenager wearing all black clothing is seen approaching a house in north London, lighting a firework and shoving it through the letterbox before running from the scene

A black-clad teenager is seen running away from a house in north London after lighting a firework. 

A teenager can be seen walking up to the front door in a black jacket, gloves, and face mask. He has a firework in his hands.

He appears to light the explosive, and smoke begins to billow into shot.

After dropping the firework through a letterbox, the teenager immediately turns around and flees. There are many other hooded people running down the street. 

The doorbell camera also picks up audio of a dog barking from inside the property shortly after the firework is dropped through the letterbox.

The incident has been reported to the Metropolitan Police who said they were conducting 'further enquiries' after contacting the victim

Metropolitan Police received the report. They said they were conducting “further inquiries” after contacting the victim.

A loud explosion is heard moments later, followed by bright orange lights and crackling.

In the background, a woman can be heard screaming.

Rachel later stated that her dog was traumatized by the firework, but she was not hurt.

She claimed that the incident occurred at 7.50pm Sunday, when she was at home with her husband as well as her three children aged between 15-23.

The incident was also reported the police.

Metropolitan Police spokesmen confirmed that they had received reports that a firework was being dropped through the letterbox. They were conducting ‘further investigations’ after speaking to the victim.

Police stated that no injuries were reported to them.