It’s too late! Nail-biting photos capture what happened JUST before disaster struck.

  • Kueez gathered viral images from all over the world taken before natural disasters
  • One photo shows a woman falling of her horse while it continues its gallop 
  • Another picture shows an American woman who is upset after dropping a cheesecake  

It’s hard to not weep upon seeing these photos – taken in the last seconds of a catastrophe. 

Kueez has selected a selection of viral photos taken right before disaster struck around the globe.  

One of the snaps includes a woman from America who accidentally ate her entire cheesecake while trying take a photo at a restaurant.

An image of a woman falling off her horse is shown elsewhere, while another photo shows the unfortunate moment when a man’s sunglasses fell during rock climbing. 

Kueez has rounded up a selection of viral photos that were taken the moment before disaster struck - including a woman who was thrown off her horse as it continued to gallop away

Kueez has collected a selection viral photos taken before disaster struck, including one of a woman who was thrown from her horse while it continued to gallop away 

Up, up, and away! One British woman, who was having fun at a playground, was forced to go home with bruises after flying off a swing

Up, up and away! One British woman had fun at a playground but was left with bruises after falling off a swing. 

That takes the cake! Another woman, from the United States, was devastated when her cheesecake fell from her plate while taking a photograph in a busy restaurant

That is what takes the cake! Another woman from the United States was distraught when her cheesecake fell off her plate while she was taking photos in a busy restaurant. 

Ouch! A woman who stopped to take a selfie, believed to be in America, had the misfortune of a duck biting her finger

Ouch! A woman stopped to take a photo, believing she was in America, when a duck bit her finger. 

A woman who fell asleep while sunbathing in a public park was rudely awoken by a dog urinating on her face

A dog urinating on a woman’s face rudely woke her up after she fell asleep in a park. 

Shop til you drop! One European woman watched helplessly as her groceries tumbled out of a hole in her plastic carrier bag

Shop til you drop! One woman in Europe watched as her groceries fell out of her plastic carrier bag.  

Wheely bad! Another man, from an unknown location, was able to balance for just a few minutes after the front wheel of his bike fell off and rolled away

It’s terrible! Unknown man was able to balance for a few minutes after his front wheel fell off his bike and rolled away.  

Making a splash! A man who was trying to take a photograph with his friends fell backwards into a muddy lake in the US

Making a splash! A man was trying to take photos with his friends when he fell into a muddy river in the US.

One man was forced to continue his rock climbing with limited vision after his glasses slipped off his face and fell to the ground

After his glasses fell off his face, a man had to continue rock climbing with limited vision. 

Mischievous moggy! The owner of a cat tried desperately to stop their items from falling after the animal managed to get onto a shelf

Mischievous moggy! After the cat managed to climb onto a shelf, the owner tried to stop it from falling. 

Another photo, believed to have been taken in the US, shows the painful moment a toddler slipped on an icy path

Another photo, thought to have been taken in the US shows the moment a toddler fell on an icy path.