Holidaymakers still have to wait THREE HOURS at Channel Tunnel terminal due to traffic backlog. Some were forced to spend the night in cars as a result of damage to overhead wires.

  • Motorists are facing three hour waiting times on the M20 outside Folkestone 
  • Eurotunnel informed passengers that there was an “overhead power supply failure” in the Channel Tunnel.
  • A train broke down in the tunnel due to this fault. 
  • Half-term holidaymakers take to the roads and head for European getaways 

After last night’s overhead power supply, motorists still have to wait three hours before they can access the Channel Tunnel’s Kent terminal.

Furious holidaymakers and lorry driver were forced to sleep in their cars. after the railway suffered a huge electrical fault.

Hundreds of motorists blocked the M20 near Folkestone, Kent, preventing them from boarding trains to France.

Eurotunnel apologized for the delays and said it was caused by an “technical fault in the overhead power supply”. This may have also led to a train breaking down in the tunnel. It was evacuated. 

Eurtunnel announced this morning that they had resolved the electrical fault but that travelers were still experiencing delays of up to 3 hours at the terminal. 

Ddozens of angry holidaymakers were left to wait in their cars near Folkestone overnight. People stuck in traffic jams at British entry points slammed the operator’s ‘chaotic, disorganized’ handling of the incident.

One traveler was critical of the service and wrote on Twitter: “10 hours since arrival, still waiting to board.”

Motorists are still being advised of three hour waiting times to enter the Channel Tunnel

Motorists are being reminded that there is a three-hour wait to enter the Channel Tunnel.

Hundreds of furious holidaymakers and lorry drivers were stuck in mile-long queues for the Channel Tunnel tonight after the railway suffered an huge electrical fault

After the huge electrical fault on the railway, hundreds of furious holidaymakers were forced to wait in mile-long lines for the Channel Tunnel tonight.

People stuck in the traffic jams at the British entry point have slammed the 'chaotic' and 'disorganised' way the incident has been handled by the operator

People stuck in traffic jams at the British entry point have complained about the ‘chaotic and ‘disorganised way’ the incident was handled by the operator

Hundreds of motorists have clogged the M20 near Folkestone for around six hours today, unable to board trains to France

Hundreds of motorists blocked the M20 at Folkestone today for six hours, making it impossible to board trains to France.

One motorist described waiting for over nine hours to reach the terminal of the Channel Tunnel

One motorist reported waiting over nine hours for the Channel Tunnel terminal to open.

It comes as families headed for railway tunnel in Kent to start their October half term getaways on the continent

It arrives as families head for the railway tunnel in Kent to begin their October half-term getaways on Europe

It happens as families travel to Kent’s railway tunnel to start their October half-term vacations on the continent. 

The aerial photos reveal a huge backlog at J11 on coastbound side of motorway.

Angrily frustrated motorists have complained about being stuck in lines for hours and not moving, and they had to resort to social media to find the reason for delays.

Giles Mason, who was heading off on a  holiday with his family tweeted: ‘Complete chaos at @LeShuttle at the moment – 4-5 hour delays, vending machines empty, huge queues for food. 

The aerial photos show a huge backlog of cars, vans and lorries at J11 on the coastbound side of the motorway

The aerial photos show a large backlog of cars, vans, and lorries at J11 on coastbound side.

Eurotunnel has confirmed that the delay has been caused by a 'technical fault with the overhead power supply'

Eurotunnel confirms that the delay was caused ‘by a technical fault with the overhead power supply’

‘All we’re told is ‘tunnel maintenance’. Great start to half-term holidays…. #eurotunnel.’

David Simpson tweeted Eurotunnel, saying: ‘Booked at 10.20 am, arrived 12.45 because of delays reaching the terminal. Now it is 18.00 and nobody can tell when we can go. Chaos here, where’s the staff?

Wendy Hurrell shared: ‘The 8 hour we’ve just spent Folkestone was…fun @LeShuttle. It’s only 4 more hours to drive through 4 countries in the dark Grimacing face. On the plus side my child has learned how to yo-yo …’ 

Nathaniel Tapley commented: ‘Currently nine hours into an hour and a half drive. 

Pictures of Folkestone tonight show hundreds of freight lorries and cars lined up waiting to board trains, some of which have been delayed since midday

Folkestone pictures tonight show hundreds and thousands of freight lorries and cars lining up to board trains. Some have been delayed from midday.

Angry motorists have complained of sitting in queues for hours without moving and having to resort to social media to find out why there were delays

Angry motorists complained of being stuck in traffic for hours and not moving, and then having to resort to social networking to find out the reason behind the delays

“Children demonstrate remarkable resilience after being in the #eurotunnel waiting queue since half-eight this morning.

Eurotunnel said it would investigate the ‘technical accident’.

Drivers are advised that they approach cautiously and follow the diversion route in the place. The route is west bound on M20, turning at J10, and returning.