Travelling with children doesn’t always feel like a holiday. Younger ones need constant attention, and older kids can soon get bored and moody, which can spoil a break. But there are ways you can enjoy your holiday, no matter what the age of your children. Simply follow the steps below for a more relaxed break.

Book a villa

We’ve all been there. You book a hotel room to stay in with your children, only to find that they won’t sleep while you’re awake, and you’re crammed into a small space. Hotel rooms are OK for a night or so, but if you’re looking to stay longer, you might want to consider accommodation options such as Raffles private villas in the Maldives. You get all the facilities of a hotel, plus the perks such as maid service, but the space of a villa. This is great for when you want separate bedrooms, a kitchen, and other handy facilities. Many villas even have a private pool, so the kids can play at their leisure.

Location is key

Nothing is worse than booking a place for a holiday, turning up, and realising there’s nothing to do! Unless you want the kids to spend all week on their tablets, you should make sure you book somewhere with things they like nearby. Staying close to the beach is one of the most popular options for families, as it means you can simply enjoy days on the sand and swimming in the sea if you like. But you should also look out for:

  • Attractions nearby – most people will want a day or two away from the beach or pool, so look out for attractions such as theme parks, zoos, or other kid-friendly stuff
  • Places to eat – unless you plan to self-cater every night, it’s nice to have restaurants close-by, and people often prefer to have places in walking distance
  • Easy transfers – when you’ve got off a long plane journey, you won’t also want a long drive, so look for places with good transport links for an easier trip

Get the right location, and you’ll have plenty of stuff to do, plus enjoy much more relaxed travel and a calmer pace.

Check vaccination requirements

Aside from COVID vaccinations, travelling to certain countries may require vaccinations against certain diseases. This is especially important when you travel with children who may be more susceptible to illness. Check whether you need travel vaccinations against things like TB or yellow fever, as you may not have been given these vaccinations routinely at home. Nobody wants to get ill on holiday, especially if you have kids with you as this is very stressful, so make sure you do your research into potential illnesses at your destination.

It’s not always easy to travel with kids, and you’ll never get the carefree, relaxing breaks you enjoyed while you were single. But if you make the right plans and opt for family-friendly places, you will find a much more relaxing holiday awaits you, no matter what the age of your children.