It is definitely no secret that we are constantly drawn to water and it doesn’t matter if it’s a river, lake or the ocean, these are the places that we often visit when we have any free time or we are on our holidays. As humans, we are drawn towards it and nobody really understands why. No matter the reasons, being in, around or on the water seems to bring out the best in us and with that comes many health benefits. There has been an incredible amount of research into why living near water is good for both mind and body and it isn’t just something pretty to look at, because statistics tell us that people who live near the ocean get sick less frequently and they live a lot longer. This is why if you get any kind of opportunity to be near the water, you should take advantage of it every single time.

Many people enjoy private charters in Bali and this gives them an opportunity to get out onto the ocean and to enjoy everything that it has to offer. The sea air and the beauty is enough to reduce the anxieties and stresses of anybody and we feel a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders the moment we stepped onto that yacht and it begins to set sail. If you don’t have an appreciation of the benefits of having a lifestyle near the water, then maybe the following can help to inform you a little bit more.

1. Lots of fresh air – This is one of the major benefits of hiring a private yacht and finding the yacht that meets your needs when getting out onto the ocean. See air is especially good for your body and the negative ions help us to absorb a lot more oxygen than we normally would. All of this fresh air is good for your mood and reduces your stress levels almost immediately. There is no doubt that fresh air is exceptionally good for your mind, your body and your soul.

2. It improves your immune system – If you are a lot more relaxed and your stress levels are reducing, then this can only be a good thing for your immune system. It is incredibly important nowadays that you have an immune system that can fight off many illnesses including harmful viruses. If you are on the water, in the water or near the water, your body will get to enjoy all of the benefits with no great effort on your part.

3. A better night’s sleep – Many of us are unable to get a proper night’s sleep and exposure to water and especially the ocean all helps to relax your mind and body which is essential if you are to have the correct amount of sleep every single night. If you were to fall asleep on your private yacht, then you will get to listen to the sounds of the ocean and you would nod off in no time at all. For some tips before you go out on your private yacht, have a look here.

If you want to bring some much needed happiness into your life that will bring you relaxation and strength, then you need to take part in activities that will allow you to be near the water. Chartering a private yacht is one such example and there are many more to choose from.